Money Money Money

Out of the blue, or so it seems because I rarely have my radio off… my car started making this kind of.. of… well, clicking noise. It was coming from near the right wheel when I made a left turn of some substance.

When Sean and I heard it (I had just picked him up to drop him off at his Father’s) we both said “that doesn’t sound good”.

When I got home I used the googles and self diagnosed, much the same way I did with my gall stones. I determined a problem with the CV joint. The next morning I called and booked an appointment with the dealer telling them I heard a noise on the right front after I turned a fairly hard right.

Now before anyone goes on at me about how I shouldn’t go to the dealer to pay for repairs.. my dealer has been very straight with me.  Yes I know independent mechanics can be cheaper and I know a great one who is best with North American cars, in fact I would send anyone there if they had one, but my car is made in Japan and Freddy LIKES the dealer. So whatever.

Anyway, Tom follows me and we drop him off for his check-up and head out to have some breakfast. They had told us about an hour before we’d hear from them which would give us plenty of time to fuel up and have some coffee.  We headed back to the dealer afterwards and they said they were just finishing up.

They call me over and said that they had tightened up a few bolts and they drove it and thought it would be fine, they didn’t hear any more noise. I probably should have tried it, they seemed to be confident that it was fixed so I trusted it was. We drive across town back home, I get to our street and drive in a circle.. hmmm seems okay. Well let’s try a few donuts…



I pull into the garage and see Tom just walking towards to building’s door and I lower my window and tell him it is STILL HAPPENING. Gah!

We had the project manager from our flood repair coming by to get out sign-off on the job so we had to wait until he was gone before we could head back to the dealer. I called them sounding a tad peeved and they asked if I could drop it off and they would do a deeper diagnosis. They would have to charge me straight time.  WHATEVER! Just fix the damn thing, we need it for our trip in April.

We had already planned to head over to Ikea to buy some new dressers to replace the big old one we had given away cos I was getting tired of dressing out of two plastic bins…. so we stopped by and dropped Freddy off once again and after giving my cell to them off we went.

I was hoping to find a wardrobe as well as a dresser but their selection was kind of meh. We don’t intend on spending a lot of money on it either, we just wanted something that was a closer match to our new headboard.   We ended up getting another ‘Malm’ dresser in the black-brown colour, Tom figured we could only get the one in his car and we need to get three altogether so we just picked up the one for now to get me out of at least one of the bins. While we were there we visited the Marketplace. I cannot leave Ikea without buying SOMETHING there.  Sure enough, a couple of cutting boards, a print and some frames later we were in line to check out.

They have those self checkout lines there now which is great. We went there and between the two of us had us scanned and checked out quickly. The young fella who was assigned to watch over those check-outs asked me if we’d used their check-out before because we were fast learners.  Haha. Well not THOSE ones but others sure. I can only imagine what he deals with on a regular basis, I’ve seen the people trying to self-serve at the movies and that is bad enough.

Tom went to get the car while I babysat the goods….

It must suck to be married to the paparazzi…but what a cute smile
Oh that smile

We are just about home when the cell rings and it is the garage. I am told I have a bad axle. SERIOUSLY? I have two choices, used or new. I look to Tom for advise and he just makes a face like I dunno you’re the money gal and so I asked the guy what he recommends. He asked if I was planning on keeping the car a long time or short while. Well LONG actually thanks. Okay so new it is.. I asked what would have caused this. Normal wear and tear he says.

My car is 5 years old and is babied.. I mean I don’t even have 25K on it yet.  He has been an awesome car. I had been joking that I probably turned more than I drove straight with how far I have to go. Maybe the axle died from boredom?

He gives me the choice of leaving it there or picking it up as the part won’t come in until early next week. I asked if it was safe enough to drive and he said yeah. So I’m trusting that. I’ve read enough horror stories about what happens when a CV joint or axle goes bad to keep me a tad nervous. I will be back there Wed or Thursday and hopefully by Friday will have a car that no longer clicks or will, yanno, throw me into a ditch. Score!

When we were leaving I snapped a photo of this sign. It amused me greatly as this the warmest Winter on record….

I’m guessing there hasn’t really been a rush.

Tom put the first dresser together when we got home…


I’ve yet to fill it, but I will! Tomorrow. I think. If I’m not too lazy.

If I don’t and I’m complaining about having to dress out of plastic bins on Monday it will be my own fault.

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