“Doh” nuts

Freddy went in for his repair yesterday afternoon.  I got a bit tied up in my work and didn’t notice the time so I lucked out and hit greens the entire way there and made it on time despite the late start.

I was asked if I was planning on hanging around or heading to the mall (the mall  TY, I can only sit in the new cars for so long before I make the salespeople nervous) and if I needed a ride (geez it isn’t that far are people REALLY that lazy?) and told me to call in about an hour and a half to see if they were done. He offered to have someone come pick me up (!) but I politely declined.

After about an hour of wandering around I was SOOOO BORED.  I am not one of those people who can hang out in a mall. I like to get in and get one when I shop and unless I have something in mind to shop for,  I avoid them like the plague.  I spent the remaining half hour sitting in a coffee shop goofing around on my ipod touch and being grateful for free wi-fi.

I figured instead of calling I would just head on back and see if the were done. I saw Freddy sitting there (thank goodness) all clean and shiny and presumably repaired.   The guy, I’m assuming the manager gave me a discount to make up for their misdiagnosis last Friday which refunded what I had already paid for that, plus some more off.  Decent I think.

On top of that he gave me these binoculars for spending more that $100 on service and said ” you’re certainly paying considerably more than that” , I laughed and said maybe I should get 9 of them then. Either he didn’t hear me or chose to just let that slide. So yeah.. $900 binoculars.  :/

Okayyyy and a fixed car. I’m just a little bitter.


BTW..pretend you don’t see  the Nutmeg lick stains  (BAD NUTMEG *GLARE*), we REALLY need to get the couch cleaned!

As I said I’m still really bummed that this repair was necessary in the first place but it isn’t the dealer’s fault.  Like I said they were fair to me (apart from that FIRST guy) and have always given me good service there, I can’t complain about that.

Just to be sure (paranoid much?)  I think I drove into every side street with a cul-de-sac between the dealer and the grocery store (needed to pick stuff up for Mum.) and did a tight left circles in every one.  This one neighbourhood this man was out doing his lawn and saw me pass by and do several circles in the streets on either side of his house. I’m sure he thought I was either crazy or VERY VERY lost.

When I got home I did donuts in our own circle (made myself dizzy in the process) and happily everything seems to be good now. Big relief. We need the car for our trip next month because  Tom’s car is a little long in the tooth now and we didn’t’ want to get stuck 6 hours from home with a broken down car. So we figured my car would be better to take as it is hardly used and less likely to have problems.  Ironic no?

Speaking of the vacation,  still six more weeks before we go. UGH. Seem so far away still!  We had hoped to get away back to Aptos for Spring Break this year but it didn’t work out for Tom to get the time off with all the Olympic nonsense and then someone else booking the time.  Man, I sure miss that place.  Socal was nice and all, and it was fun to do the Disney thing last year but there is NOTHING like being  on Monterey Bay to make me happy.  The views are breathtaking and you are close enough to San Fran for day trips.  It has been two years since we were there last but if feels like forever.

Still,  the Oregon Coast has its own beauty and I’m looking forward to some quality relaxy time with my honey,  just the two of us.

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