Tripping on the Sand

Hey I  think I remember what my Husband looks like!

Yup, that’s him right there!

Okay sliiiiight exaggeration BUT he did work a lot during the Olympics, usually when I was home and he was home when I was at work, still it was nice to have a full three days together.

We took advantage of what was to be the best day of the three and take the new cameras for a spin.  Yep matching cameras but much less lame than matching clothes. Never, ever EVER.

Our initial destination was going to be Stanley Park until we heard that the street leading up to the park was a parking lot. I guess everyone else and their dog had the same idea.


Change of plans, we headed over to Jericho/Spanish Banks. Not being beach weather it wasn’t super crowded which was a bonus, just people like us out for a stroll in the sunshine, many with their dogs in tow.

Like this guy here.
Spanish Banks Vancouver

This guy drank from every water source available… rainwater collected on a bench.

Spanish Banks Vancouver

To mud puddle.. he didn’t care.
Spanish Banks Vancouver

He ran by us countless times looking for something else to dip his snout into. Including new friends.. hahem.
Spanish Banks Vancouver
He was pretty gross but seemed to be having the best time. As they say its a dog’s life.

I was pretty impressed by the zoom on the camera, for a point and shoot it has a lot going for it.

We were quite a ways from the city..IMG_0174

But with the zoom you could see quite a lot of detail.

Not bad eh?

It will take some playing around to get used to the new camera and where to find all the settings, they ALWAYS change where they are from camera to camera. But, playing with them is half the fun right?

Spanish Banks - Vancouver BC

We walked around for a couple of hours taking pictures. And being goofy.



us for blog.jpg

Then headed out to try to catch a shot of the sun as it was setting. We lucked out and hit a look-out point just about the right time.

Spanish Banks - Vancouver BC

In Vancouver the Cherry Blossom trees are in overdrive…a tad early but NOT unwelcome. I love seeing these pretty flowering trees blooming.

Spanish Banks - Vancouver BC

We had planned on going out to dinner and I was rooting for Red Robin. I have been craving a California chicken sandwich for ages. We drive to our local restaurant and it was CLOSED dammit. It had been closed the last time we were there we figured for renos or something but it looks like they are relocating. It was rarely over-crowded so maybe that is why they are moving. Bummer.

We ended up at the White Spot close to home instead. There was a wait but not horrible considering it was Saturday and always a safe bet for decent food.

Spanish Banks - Vancouver BC

After dinner it was home to watch a DVD and enjoy some wine and each others company. It was Tom’s night to pick the movie and he selected “Into the Night” one of the movies that had been on his Xmas list. I looked at him and asked… knowing me, will I actually like it? He hesitated and said to give it a chance.

After a half hour or so I turned to him and asked if it was going to get any better cos seriously? Yech! I said he probably just likes it because of the nekkid Michell Pfffffafffeifer heh.

My pick for movie night last night was “10” a total CLASSIC. Sure, another movie with boobs BUT it is actually good. Tom likes it too so not much in the way of revenge. I think my next pick will be “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”, that’ll learn him!

Six more weeks until we get our vacation away together. Cannot. Wait.

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