Music Man

There are a lot of musical people in my family.

We’ve got a whole lot of amateurs and a few actual professional type musicians too. Some sing, some play instruments, some write music, one or two do two or all three. I used to sing in choir both school and an after school youth choir, now I just sing in my car. Can’t play an instrument to save my life.

Both of the boys showed an interest in playing the guitar and started picking around on them teaching themselves the basics. Sean started taking guitar class as an elective in school and loves it.

Sean auditioned for the Fine Arts class “Coffee House” performance. He was performer number 21 so I pretty much grew roots sitting on the rather hard chair front and centre waiting for him to come on. I was one of the few parents that showed up it seems, most of the audience was made up of teenagers who gave me a VERY wide berth. I have to say some of the other acts were very entertaining but I was really there to see mah boy.

Not only was Sean playing he was playing his own compositions. I’d been hearing him absently playing them while we watch TV but only in bits and pieces so watching/hearing him play the whole thing was a new experience for me.

Despite admitting he was nervous to me after it was all over (especially BEING act #21, pretty near the end) I didn’t see any of that. He walked out with confidence and began with some interplay with the audience before losing himself in his performance. He says he messed up at some point but I never noticed anything. I told him that it is his own music nobody would know it like him and we are all guilty of being our own worst critic.

sean coffee house
I think he was fantastic and I’m very very proud.

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