Holiday Road (Oregon) Day Two

After a fabulous night sleep (the beds here are awesome) we woke up to a very pleasant surprise… SUNSHINE! The forecast had led us to believe that cloudy without rain would be the best we would see. I mean it is spring in Oregon so we weren’t expecting hot or anything, but bonus!

Before we even had coffee we were out on the balcony enjoying the beach in the glow of morning sun. The seaside mists hadn’t had a chance to leave yet so it added an ethereal quality.

Cannon Beach

We ordered room-service breakfast and made a plan to get ourselves a cheapie toaster so we could do bagels and cinnamon toast for a few of the breakfasts and not either have to keep doing room-service or drag our carcasses out to one of the restaurants and just relax in the mornings.

After we ate we got ready to venture out for a walk-about. We wanted to find access to Haystack Rock without having to walk through the little stream that bisects the beach (we found out later there is a little walk-way further up the beach to use). We also wanted to explore the immediate area a bit.

We had noticed a couple of wooden sailors in various places, one close to the entrance way of the resort and local restaurant.

Cannon Beach Day Two

There was another guy further down by some other resort…Cannon Beach Day Two

Here is the main check-in area of the Surfsand Resort ..featuring a cute wooden puffin standing guard.

Cannon Beach Day Two

I didn’t realize that there were actually puffins in this part of the world, tufted ones in fact. I didn’t realize we had them in BC also but most likely in fairly remote locations as they seem a tad shy and stay high up on the stack. We did get a chance to look at them through telescopes set up by local conservation folks on the beach. They are awfully cute.

When we got to the beach we were lucky the tide was out and could get right near the base of Haystack Rock and the tide pools there. There were signs everywhere reminding visitors that this was a living, breathing eco-system and to leave the wildlife alone. People who had their dogs with them were reminded to keep them leashed and limit where they go.

Cannon Beach Day Two

We kept walking snapping shots of the beach and rocks from various angles.

Cannon Beach Day Two

At one point Tom was tapped to take a picture of a group of ladies. I particularly love his photo stance here…

Cannon Beach Day Two

I fell hopelessly in love with Cannon Beach that day. I was already slipping in that direction the first night but the sun coming out did me in. I mean come on it is gorgeous here, and the town is so village-y no big stores no crazy traffic, just calm quiet and relaxing. And this at this,  Haystack Rock and the Needles… so so picturesque! (the blog will probably cut off the picture a bit in some browsers, if so to see it completely click on it.) How could you not fall in love with THAT VIEW?

Cannon Beach

As we traveled in and out-of-town we saw various Tsunami zone signs. This is a vulnerable area (as is any coastline in the PNW and the West Coast of BC) should there be a Tsunami generated that heads to the west coast, or more so if an earthquake hit offshore. According to the guide-book IF a severe enough earthquake occurred that triggered a Tsunami, it could hit here in mere minutes after the earthquake. So they take their warnings seriously here. There are alarms set up etc, as well as routes clearly marked to get to higher ground. There was a pretty bad one in the 60’s which had devastated parts of the town.

Cannon Beach Day Two

Here is a link to a NY Times article about Cannon Beach and the steps they are taking to prepare for the next big one.

After we left the beach we walked for a bit in the other direction and saw a few local artists galleries along the way. There seem to be lots of vacation rental homes along the beach, personally if I could have one I would like to keep it as my own home! Here is one of the local streets leading up to the beach.

Cannon Beach Day Two

And Tom taking pictures…..

Cannon Beach Day Two

We had noticed on the way into town another town that we wanted to check out called Seaside so we headed out to explore it in the afternoon.. more about that later.

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