Holiday Road (Oregon) Day Two – Seaside Oregon

Before we left we Google mapped the area checking out some potential day trips. Seaside wasn’t far up from Cannon beach so we had planned to check it out while we were here.

On the trip down we spotted it from the highway thinking it had some potential to be a cool little village area to visit and so we stuck a pin in it as a thing to do and went there in the early afternoon on our second day here.

Driving down the main drag looking for parking I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be a cool hip little area, the place was crawling with kids and the streets were packed with cars, little pedal cars and people.  We found a parking garage (free! can you believe it?) and made our way to the main drag.

Seaside is kind of the opposite of Cannon Beach.  Here in Cannon Beach the vibe is much laid back,  Seaside is its hyperactive cousin.  In Seaside there are chain hotels and lots of concrete mixed with beach and full of  those touristy type stores rather than the small artsy stores here.  Tom said it was more like Disneyland than the beach and he’s right. If you’re into that kind of thing I suppose it is okay but we are clearly not.

We did some shopping in the touristy stores (of course) and then set out to find a place to grab some lunch.  We found a place that looked okay from the outside but ended up being slightly sketchy looking from the inside. We were hoping for the best when it came to food and it turned out to be surprisingly decent. You had to overlook the older decor and well used cutlery and the apparently cranky boss (who was yelling about an employee that either didn’t show up on time or at all) but it was okay.

Seaside Oregon

Apparently Seaside is the end of the Lewis and Clark trail as commemorated by this statue in the square by the beach. I wonder what they would think of the town now….

Seaside Oregon

Inside the Carousel mall there was in fact a carousel …one with weird hybrid creatures like a horse rabbit..Seaside Oregon

I had similar feelings about Cannery Row in Monterey. It was about as tourist trappy a feel except Cannery Row at least has retained some history and some charm (though the parking there is EXPENSIVE not free). I guess I would love to see more local artisans represented in stores rather than the schlocky overseas made stuff with the town logo stamped on it which you see everywhere.

When we got back to Cannon Beach we both sighed in relief. I’m glad they are keeping that kind of development out of this area. It was be really sad to see that circus atmosphere here.

It is our last morning in Cannon Beach *cry* so the rest of my vacation posts will be written once we get back home. We’re hitting the road shortly and I’m enjoying the sounds of the ocean for a little while longer.

It will be good to see the boys again, I’ve missed them… and our furry ones get home tomorrow. I’m sure they will be less than pleased WITH us but plenty pleased to see us.

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