Holiday Road (Oregon) Day Three

On day three of our trip we decided to check out downtown Cannon Beach.  Being a very laid back, beach community this meant some really unique wooden structures very UN-downtown-y if you know what I mean. Another reason for us to love the area.

Cannon Beach Day Three

The weather was a bit sprinkly with a few bouts of all out rain but we dodged the raindrops popping into various stores and poking around for souvenirs. We found a couple of places that yielded sweatshirts, fleece and hats and then I hit upon the mother-lode, a jewelry store called The Golden Whale that had semi-precious stones set in silver (that they do there). I was done in at that point cos the prices were fantastic AND there were so many to choose from. I picked up a couple of rings  swearing that I would go back if my shopping trip to Portland for clothes was a bust (and part of me was hoping it was because DAMN I love sparkly things!)
Cannon Beach Day Three
The rings above set me back $72.00 all together in total with NO sales tax (hello Oregon I love you) amethyst and garnet stones….not bad eh? There was pricier stuff there for sure but hell I couldn’t resist those rings!

The Cannon Beach version of malls were scattered down the main drag, really just clusters of stores, some that lead into each other. Plenty of little artist galleries, blown glass, kite shops and the like. Certainly not the tourist trap mecca of Seaside with a lot more unique and handmade items. Now this was more like it.

One thing about being in a seaside village, plenty of seafood options for dining. We alternated our seafood dinners with some land alternatives from pizza from Fultano’s (which was very good by the way) to a room-service burger from the Wayfarer (who does the room service catering for the Surfsand Resort) which was wayyy yum and has VERY pleasant speedy service.

Also if you ever find yourself in Cannon Beach and you like saltwater taffy, Bruce’s Candy Kitchen makes their own on-site and it is good and fresh. Plenty of flavours to choose from too and you can build your own bag. We picked up some to share with the boys, some gummy fried eggs (sooo cute) and some popcorn for Tom to snack on, I had my Andy Capp hot fries from all our Rite-Aid raids on the way down.

Cannon Beach Day Three

After shopping we headed back out to walk the beach and take more photos, this time wearing beach socks that we had picked up the previous day. MUCH MUCH better idea than getting your sneakers wet I must say. Of course I didn’t just get my feet wet, my jeans were wet up to the knees by the time I was done…. this was just the beginning.

Cannon Beach Day Three

Tom managed to only keep the water level up to his ankles…

Cannon Beach Day Three

Both of us were so well rested there so we were always up and about by 8:00 am but still the days felt like they were FLYING by. I hadn’t felt that relaxed in a very LONG time.

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2 Responses to Holiday Road (Oregon) Day Three

  1. Sue says:

    Love the rings, but especially the amethyst as it’s my birthstone. The shopping fairy was with you!

    • americanuck says:

      Oh I totally hit the mother-lode! I have to take pics of the other ones I bought! They were SO reasonable in price and I could justify it by the fact my other shopping was a bust!

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