Holiday Road – (Oregon) Day Five

On our fifth day we decided to head out and explore the area a bit more. A friend had recommended that we head down to Tillamook and experience the ice cream right from the factory store.  Tillamook dairy products are the pride of this area and hey, I’m always up to try some ice cream (usually just a little though cos once I’ve had my fill I’m okay with not seeing it again for a long time).

On the way down we discovered signs to a lighthouse. Where there are lighthouses there are some nice pictures to be had.

The Cape Meade lighthouse was a bit out-of-the-way AND was over a road that left a little to be desired on the upkeep but it was a pretty location and a cute little lighthouse.  The volunteer who was staffing the place said unfortunately due to vandals who shot the lighthouse  and not with a camera (and broke the crystal) we weren’t able to get upstairs to look around.

Cape Meares Lighthouse\

There were some pretty views of the coastline from the area and plenty more of the coastal sea stacks.

Cape Meares Lighthouse

It was lightly sprinkling and overcast while we were at the lighthouse but the weather started to clear and was downright sunny when we got to Tillamook.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

At the factory there is a small self guided tour of the factory, basically a few informational displays and an area that overlooks the factory floor so you can see the cheese makers in action.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

AND you can send cheese mail.. umm we didn’t but we stood in front of the camera and took pictures of ourselves in the screen.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

But on to the ice cream… it was pretty darn good I must say. Very fresh and there were MANY flavours to choose from.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

We wanted to check out the near by Timmamook Air Museum but arrived too late to get a look around inside other than the lobby as it was just closing.

Air Museum

The building itself is pretty unique though, it is a genuine WWII Blimp hanger so it was neat to check it out from the outside.

Air Museum

We walked around and took some pictures of some old trains that were out front. Not sure what the trains had to do with an air museum but they were pretty cool.

Air Museum

Air Museum

On our way out we stopped and took pictures of the sign and the building from far away.. and nearby was a field with cows. I HAD to run across the road and try to get ol bossy to look at me. The closest one did for a few seconds and then turned attention back to the much more interesting grass.

Air Museum

On the drive back we stopped at a little place along the way called Twin Rocks, named for, I guess the two sea stacks offshore. One of them had a hole right through the middle. It was pretty to look at but MAN the wind had picked up and it was downright chilly so we didn’t stay long.


When we were finally back at our place we did manage to get a few shots of the waning sun peeking through clouds and casting some of those pretty long rays.


We had high hopes for a sunset. The sky seemed just right for one, but once again the clouds descended just before the sky would have picked up the colour. Ah well!

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