Holiday Road – Oregon (Day Six)

Aaaaand we’re back.  Geesh at this rate I’m gonna be finished posting my vacation memories by the time we go on our next vacation.

Okay, so on the sixth and final FULL day in Cannon Beach we decided to do a breakfast OUT and hit the shopping area one more time so I could buy me some more rings, cos face it, they were calling to me.

We’d seen the signs for “Pig ‘n Pancake” and just had to try it, if just for the name alone. It was okay, nothing that special honestly.  I’m not sure what it is but all bacon we ate down in Oregon was of the thicker cut variety. A coincidence or some kind of trend? I personally love the thinner crispy type bacon rather than the thick and chewy.

Cannon Beach Vacation Day 6

Cannon Beach Vacation Day 6

Cannon Beach Vacation Day 6

After breakfast I tried on about a hundred different rings and settled on five more. Yes five (hey they were so cheap!) but one was for my Mom to add to her Mother’s Day gift I had already bought. I am kinda glad my clothes shopping was a bust, I’m a sucker for rings.


We then headed over to the nearby Ecola State Park, very much worth a visit if you’re in the area.

There are two ways to go once you’re in the park, one that leads to an overlook that affords you a better view of “Terrible Tilly” the local lighthouse and a different angle of Haystack rock and the sea stacks we could see from Cannon Beach.

Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park

The other that leads to a really nice cove with yet more sea stacks, you are never short of seas stacks round these parts and man they are so cool.

Ecola State Park

For the adventurous types (who wear the proper shoes) there is a hike that takes you from the lookout point to the cove.

Ecola State Park

We started it, then realized that it was 1.5 miles of REALLY mucky trails and we were already slipping so we drove it instead and yeah, not regrettin’ it.

There were plenty of photo ops, including getting Tom to lean up against this tree because it made him look like a peacock. Heh.

Ecola State Park
He didn’t realize why until later.

There was a handful of other folks walking in the cove but it almost felt like we had it to ourselves. The tide was far enough out that you could walk over to some of the rocks and check out the tide-pools and we even found a few whole sand dollars.

Ecola State Park

There was a reminder once again that this is a Tsunami zone, this sign though it isn’t meant to makes me laugh cos that little stick man is so screwed, I mean check out that big wave.
Ecola State Park

As we were leaving the park Tom stopped the car all of a sudden and pointed to the side of the road. Casually grazing and gazing over at us was a small group of elk. I fumbled around trying to get my camera before they decided to run off.

Ecola State Park

We decided to park the car again (we took a chance and parked in the ranger’s spot cos he was off duty) and quickly walked back up to where we spotted the elk. We found two different groups of elk just doing their thing, hanging out and eating. Man it was SO COOL to see them up so close. We had no idea they were so huge.

They were watchful but not timid. It wasn’t like we tried to get too close to them, and if we did most likely they would have taken off.

Walking out we saw a male just casually strolling across the street. He saw us approaching and stopped before taking off again. We weren’t too sure how aggressive elk are (particularly the Males in spring) so we stayed put until he left. Better safe than sorry!

Ecola State Park

Totally worth the price of admission (it was something like $5) for the elk alone never mind the spectacular views. We were both pretty jazzed to see them.

We then drove back to the resort, parked and walked over to the Cannon Beach History Center/Museum which is home to the actual cannon that Cannon Beach is named after.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

It’s a tiny place that runs off of donations of time as well as money from the visitors and explains some of the area history in visual and audio form.

Cannon Beach

It is crazy to know that the beaches were used to get from one area to another even with cars back in the day and that some of the rocks were blasted away to make a way for the cars to get around some of the bigger ones. I cannot imagine the ride being that comfortable (not to mention rather scary).

Cannon Beach

It is only open a few days a week but worth checking out just to see the Cannon and absorb a little of the area history.

We lucked out and later that afternoon the sky cleared up and we took another walk on the beach.


I bet this place is amazing to take pictures of in the summer but the trade off to the iffy weather is a lot quieter beach, even on the weekend. I will take the quiet any day.

The puffy clouds provided some really cool reflections in the wet sand.



Man we knew we were gonna miss this place when we left.

Last Afternoon at Cannon Beach

Our last evening we were almost given a sunset… came close but no cigar alas. Still pretty while it lasted though.



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