Sean has always been artistic, I know I’ve said that before but he is.  He picked up guitar class as an elective a year or so ago and in the last year has shown a real interest in music.

Both learning to play the guitar as well as put together his own melodies. His teacher was amazed at the change in Sean from last year and said he wished he could take credit for it.  He also is surprised and how quickly Sean can finger pick with two fingers, his preferred style. He’s a great and very supportive teacher.

Previously Sean played at the school’s “coffee-house”, but the music class also puts on a showcase, inviting friends and family of the students to watch the performance. Tom and I both attended this one and it was a lot easier to get both photos and video of  the show.

Sean was in two performances, one where he played and one where he sang and played. I’ve been forbidden to post the singing one (he’s very critical of himself as he’d never sung before) and was very nervous. I posted it to my friends/family on Facebook though, that he was okay with (though still grim about it).




He said it was okay to post his instrumental though…

We were both really proud of him. I’m glad he let us come, I would have hated to miss this.

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2 Responses to Showcase

  1. Sue says:

    Sean is very talented. Whatever he plans to do after graduation should include music. As the only non-musical member of a very musical family I’ve seen where musical talent can lead. There are many venues for musicians like Sean. Even if he sticks to the small local stuff, he will be so appreciated for sharing his talent with the community.

    • americanuck says:

      I don’t think Sean will give up on music now he’s found the spark of interest even just as a hobby. My Mum’s side is very musical with a number of professionals (one who is even a music producer too), both instrumental and singing. I was in choir and can sing but I cannot play an instrument to save my life!

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