Time Passages

A little trip in the way back machine
Uhh future graduate
Oh man, he’s gonna kill me.

Look at him all tiny and cute and buck-toothy wearing his brother’s graduation cap. Is that really only five years ago?

Well now it is 2010 and it is his turn.


Yeah he got a little taller, and less buck-toothy (thanks Doctor Williams and Doctor McDonald!) and well he’s always been cute but he’s all grown up and handsome now.

And I feel really really old sometimes, but it passes.

His mortar board tassel, didn’t want to stay put, so here’s daddy Tom helping to fix what I probably made worse.


The ceremony was at a really nice venue that was a wee bit out-of-the-way. When I say a wee bit I really mean across town. It was nice and sat more people than the Bell Centre and all.. but the kids weren’t let out of school early and we had to get there pretty early, not the best planning in the world. Factor in rush hour traffic and a close proximity to two freeway entrances and you’ve got traffic bog.
No worries though, we made it with a few minutes to spare.

It was a long ceremony cos there were a lot of kids. But we were so proud.


His name is a little more than halfway through the pack, our butts got a little flatter.

But then it was over and we had a graduate.


After the grad ceremony he was back at school for a few days and just the other night had his graduation banquet. Rather than rent a tux (hell we weren’t even sure if tuxes are still the thing guys do these days) we sprung for a new suit.



We had a few minutes for him to get ready and quickly snap a picture before we head out to the venue in the next town over. I had done a quick google map search for a route to get there but the damn googles led me astray.


I followed the directions to a T and when we were close it seemed there was a STREET missing. All’s well though, I went onto a busier street and flagged down a passer-by and he made it there JUST in time.

What will the future bring for our artistic son? Not sure but I know he’s gonna kick ass at whatever he does.

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