What would cause THIS look?
Grad Present

Well let me tell ya.

You start out giving your graduate a couple of cards. One with practical use:

Grad Present

And one a little more traditionally mushy, you know, of the proud parent sort.
Grad Present

In the card was a note telling him where to find a surprise. He wasn’t expecting a present, we had told him his trip to the Oregon Shakespeare festival was his present.

But you know, he had busted his butt these last two years. He went from slacking off to being on the honour roll.

The clue pointed him towards a drawer in my dresser (ignore the mess).

Grad Present

Inside was a large sticky note which told him we was a lucky brat… or something like that, I can’t remember the exact words and oops no picture.

He didn’t realize he was supposed to look UNDER the sticky note.

It was when he did that we got this look.

Grad Present

Followed by hugs all around.

Ipod Touch baby!

Grad Present

It hasn’t left his hand/pocket since he got it.

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