Holiday Road (Oregon) – Goodbye to Cannon Beach

Oops.. yanno I had this post all ready to publish and I didn’t.. it was my goodbye to Cannon Beach post. So better late than never.

As they inevitably do our vacation came to an end far, far too quickly. Seriously VOOOOOM that was the week.

I said to Tom that it had truly been the first vacation in a long time that I had felt totally relaxed. Part of it had to do with the fact we didn’t HAVE to do anything. There was no self-imposed¬†pressure of say, when you’re in SoCal to visit Mickey Mouse… even though visiting Mickey Mouse is no hardship in my books. I think every now and then you need a vacation that just involves a whole lot of nothing in particular, especially if that comes along with a spectacular ocean view.

I suppose another factor was that I wasn’t worrying about my Mother as much as when she was living alone. I know she’s in a good environment now with care near-by if need be. The boys, well they’re older now so I don’t worry the same way I used to worry when they were little. It’s a whole DIFFERENT kind of worry now, but little by little they need me less.

Though I was sad to be leaving such a lovely place I was also ready to go home, see all our kids furry and otherwise and be surrounded by our own stuff.

Just before we left I stepped out on our balcony and took another long look at the beach.

Cannon Beach (leaving the beach)

Look at that rock… isn’t it just grand?

I tried to imprint in my memory the sounds and smells of the beach to hold me over until next time. I know looking at pictures will bring some of it back when I need it.

Just as I was about to step back in I noticed one of our neighbours down the way tossing what I would assume to be their breakfast remnants out to the seagulls creating a frenzy of flapping and a few birdie rumbles.

Cannon Beach (leaving the beach)

After she went inside a few of the seagulls remained lined up ever so patiently with hopeful eyes.

Cannon Beach (leaving the beach)


We packed up Freddy, and admittedly Freddy has a smaller trunk than Tom’s so it was a good thing we were travelling alone. The back-seat was heavily utilized to take home the booty.

Cannon Beach (leaving the beach)

Tom went in to do a last-minute check and to pick up a few straggling items (the sand covered beach shoes for one). When he was gone I realized I hadn’t grabbed a shot of the back of our building.

Cannon Beach (leaving the beach)

Oh there he is.

Cannon Beach (leaving the beach)

See ya again soon I hope Cannon Beach, we love ya.

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3 Responses to Holiday Road (Oregon) – Goodbye to Cannon Beach

  1. Sue says:

    Nice shots. Looks like a lovely place for a vacay!

  2. americanuck says:

    Oh man it was! We’d go back in a shot but probably avoid the whole summer crowd thing. Spring is ideal as it is still “off season” so it’s cheaper and far less in the way of crowds as long as you avoid the local spring breaks.

  3. Sue says:

    I just saw Cannon Beach named as one of the top ten beach destinations. Also listed was our favorite – Chincoteague Island Va.

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