The last few days of school passed quickly and Sean found himself actually graduated BUT a few rights of passage yet to be completed. Maybe it had to do with when they could get some of the venues but for his graduating class the Grad dinner/dance came after the actual ceremony.

We were debating tux vs. suit and Sean went for suit. Really it made more sense, sure it costs more but you don’t have to wear clothes someone else has worn who knows how many times before you and you get something to keep out of the deal.

Not going super cheap or super pricey we went for a nice well made suit from a decent fabric. Sean had a pretty clear idea of what he didn’t want, not so much of what he did. We found a great suit in the end with a very fine pinstripe that was very neutral, it will be easy to coordinate shirts/ties with this baby.


There wasn’t much needed in the way of alterations, just the typical hemming of the pants and taking them in a wee bit in the waist. The salesman agreed the jacket was fine, left a little room for growth should there be any.

The party was over in Langley at a golf and country club. I am generally fine navigating my way around the Greater Vancouver area (outside of Richmond cos that place is designed to mess up people like me with no sense of direction). I was working that day and only had a moment to Google map the directions and print them off.

I rushed home, Sean was pretty much ready to go except for getting into the suit. He dressed, there was time for a quick picture then we had to head off.


We had no problems following the directions until we were just about there. The directions said to turn left onto 48th. Problem was there is NO place to turn left on 48th.

I thought perhaps I had read it wrong, pulled over and had another look at the directions. Yup it said left. I ended up driving around a bit to see if I could find it by chance but the street numbering just didn’t make sense. Turns out if I had just tried the ONE way I didn’t go I would have found it but I decided to stop farting around because I needed to get him there on time as they shut the doors with no in/out privileges after a certain point so I just found who I figured was a local and asked. Turns out I was close.

Crisis averted I dropped Sean off and headed home. The party was a six hour deal over at midnight and Tom would be home from work in time for the return trip (thank god). When I got home I checked the Googles again and found the problem. They were trying to direct me into a school parking lot for a school that had probably been built in the last year or two (it did look pretty new). Yeah ummm so no street there. (side note: I reported it to Google and they responded they will fix it)

Once upon a time maybe 48th did connect there but what was left on that side of 208th was a tiny little dead end. Ah well, all’s wells and all that.

Tom looked up a slightly different route to go get Sean later and we left with plenty of time to get there. We had to kill some time so we picked up some breakfast stuff for the next morning as we both had it off. We still had to cool our heels in the parking lot because nobody had really started to exit at midnight. We spent the time watching some 20ish guys attempting to park souped up Chrysler 300s in reverse while semi-impeded by a line of waiting limos. These same wanna be tough guys were listening to gansta-rap with your typical misogynistic lyrics (I recall something about jerking and bitches… you can only imagine).

Tom finally decided to wander around in the milling crowd to see if he could find Sean. I was sitting in the car being blinded by the headlights of another parked and waiting limo. They made their way back to the car and I asked Sean if he had a good time. Meh, he said it was good but he wouldn’t have missed all that much if he didn’t go. He said it was an experience, the boy is not really much of a dancer.

While he was there though asked some of the other students if they had received a call from the school asking how many people would be attending the awards ceremony. Tom had earlier on taken the call and we asked Sean if he had won something but he had no clue. Turns out not many people had received a call so we made the assumption that did mean he won something and we figured we’d show up just in case. Sean wondered aloud if we would be wasting our time going if everyone’s assumption he won something was wrong. I just told him we’d call him a loser if that were the case. Heh (just kidding sheesh.)

Happily though, our music man won a fine arts award in guitar.


He just brushes it off as just a piece of paper but I know inside he’s feeling pretty darn good about himself. He also picked up his honour roll certificate that day. So both boys had been top of the class in one of their classes, cool. I can’t say the same about myself. I did well but I was never the best but then again I can’t say I tried that hard in high school. If I could I would go back and kick my younger ass, about this and a few other things.

Next on the horizon: job huntin’. The boy knows he wants to go to school in an art program but hasn’t a clue what he wants to do for a living. It will be an opportunity to earn some money until he figures that all out.

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2 Responses to Transitions

  1. Sue says:

    I hope Sean and Connor can meet some day. I think they have a lot in common. So cool that Sean won a music award. Here they spend their senior year doing all of the college application stuff so that by the time they graduate they are usually accepted into a college and ready to start in the fall. The problem with that is like Sean, kids don’t know what they want to do. Connor spent 2 years in a well known art school in NYC and it wasn’t the place for him. He’s now in community college and has easily enough credits for a degree, but needs to transfer for a BA. Because we don’t have National health like you do he has to be a full time student to stay on our insurance. He can’t get a job if it doesn’t have health insurance. Good luck to Sean in the job hunt. Hopefully he can find something he likes.

  2. americanuck says:

    Oh for sure that would be great! I’m sure they would have a lot in common being the artsy types. A lot of kids apply to University or College here too but waaay too many kids just fuddle around in general studies. I know a number of people that blew off school to party late on their parent’s dime ugh!

    Yeah the health care here helps the young ones, if you’re low income you don’t pay any premiums, those of us that do work pay more for a family. My job pays for half our premium so I’m paying less than $50 a month I think now for Tom and I.

    Of course we pay for it in the end with taxes!

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