Feed The Monkey (Etsy addiction)

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’d developed a bit of an Etsy addiction.

Granted some of the stuff sold there is can be “questionable” at times (and has spawned a satirical site heh…thanks to Tom for the introduction) I’ve found some pretty cool stuff there.

For instance this camera bag from Janine King Designs.

Etsy addiction - Camera bag

It wouldn’t replace my ‘real’ camera bags by any means but it is great and light for knocking about with and has room to carry a couple of extra lenses.

Etsy addiction - Camera bag

And, like I said… light weight which is a real bonus when you’re doing a lot of walking around.

Another recent find is Kailo Chic run by a lovely lady named Kara.  I’ve bought a few items through her, first a wallet then an eyeglasses case.  I liked the wallet fabric so much I asked if she would make me a matching change purse which she did gladly.  My Mom loved them so much she wanted her own set.

The lighting on the change purse is a bit off  but it is exactly the same fabric as the wallet. I get lots of compliments on them all and they’re very well made.

The cute wallet:  (which is a smidge too narrow for Canadian money but meh.. so it gets a tiny bend in it)

Etsy addiction - wallet

Etsy addiction - wallet

The glasses case (I use for my sunglasses)
Etsy addiction - glasses case

Etsy addiction - glasses case

And the custom change purse:
Etsy addiction - Change purse

Last but not least (by any means) is my latest find Paulina Carcach

Paulina Carcach Purse

Can you just say love at first sight?

I LOVE purses. Purses to me are what shoes are to a lot of  other women. Just like shoes, you are never too fat to wear a purse but with the added benefit  of not hurting your feet..

Top it off these babies are hand-made, beautifully so and made of real leather (smells GREAT!) The hardware is top-notch and ohhh the buttery softness of the leather and gorgeous satiny lining. I have already picked out the next one I want to buy. She sells through Etsy  but has a greater selection through her web page.

Paulina Carcach Purse

On top of buying some unique and cool items I also like that I’m supporting small business.

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