View from the Hill

This is just typical of me lately, nothing for ages then a flurry of posts, two in a row! If two can be called a flurry that is.

ANYWAY… I’m trying to catch up on our little photo outings we’ve done when we’ve scored a weekend off together.  We’ve been pretty lucky this summer and had a few.  This past weekend for instance we had off together but this time we were lazy and stayed home and just relaxed. We’ve got plenty of activities for later in the week so we figured why not?

We’ve been trying to mix up the locations a little bit and try something new each time.  This particular outing we headed to Burnaby Mountain. I hadn’t been there is geez more than 2o years or so I’m thinking.  Back when I was young it was a make-out place at night and a great place to toboggan on a snow day (if you could make it up the road that is) as it was a high point in the city.

It does have some spectacular views of the city and of the Burrard Inlet.

Burnaby Mountain

Too bad it was one of those days where the sky was a bit hazy in the distance so the horizon was washed out and white, ah well…. we busily snapped away anyway.

Burnaby Mountain

There is a nice rose garden and pergola there which make it one of those places you’ll see brides hanging out.. oh look.. there’s one now.

Burnaby Mountain

The roses were in full bloom and smelled great.

Burnaby Mountain

I’m not sure what it is with the long-stemmed roses you get from the stores but they just never seem to have the same perfume as a garden rose.

Burnaby Mountain

There is also a nifty wooden sculpture there too

Burnaby Mountain

I’m not sure what it is supposed to represent but I like it.

Burnaby Mountain

It was hot that day so we spent a little bit of time under the trees cooling off before heading back to the car. It was nice to see that part of Burnaby again, it had been too long.

Burnaby Mountain

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