Della and the Dealer (and a Dog named Jake and a Cat named Kalamazoo)

Ah the magic of wireless. Coming at you from the mind-numbing wait for an oil change. A necessary evil, particularly when we’ve got a little road trip (granted pretty short distance-wise) but Freddy was a tad overdue. I justify it by the fact that he’s driven SO little. I mean I drive it pretty much every day but very short distances. They laughed when they saw my mileage considering my car is five years old.. actually almost six come to think of it.

I’m just glad this place has wireless because it is really hard to concentrate on something like reading when there are children running around like wild animals. I’m serious… wild animals with no tamers who appear to care this is a place of business. My kids were NOT allowed to behave that way period. They weren’t living in fear of me or anything they just respected my AUTHORITAH. That and a well placed evil Mom eye and they would subside if the wild monkey ever reared its ugly head.

I’m hoping they are done soon, this place is really really bright and OMG more children are arriving… help help get me out of here.


I managed to escape about five minutes after I hit post… yay.

Oh and Freddy is now freshly washed and vacuumed all for the reasonable price my dealer charges for oil changes.

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One Response to Della and the Dealer (and a Dog named Jake and a Cat named Kalamazoo)

  1. Tom says:

    ♫ Yeah the cat was cool, but he never said a mumblin’ word. Neaw neaw neaw…

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