Hot N Cold

We are now back to our regularly scheduled diary writing after my brief wallow the other day.

An upside to my new found “spare time” is I now feel a tad more like socializing every now and then. I think seeing people at work every day made me feel less like seeing people outside of work, if you know what I mean? Now I am making LUNCH DATES and that,  my friends, coming from a cave-dwelling homebody, is saying something. I am now a lady who lunches. Okay more like a broad who lunches.

Oh! Before I forget, we finally bought a new fridge and range.  I’m not sure we will see much in the way of energy savings on the range, but it is nice to have a full set of burners that have a range (getit?) of temperatures rather than one or two that are constantly stuck on HIGH. The fridge however is probably gonna save us a bundle. According to the thingie that came with the fridge touting its energy efficiency, it will cost approx $45 a year to run it. I’m pretty sure the energy wasted on the old one would have paid for this new fridge in a couple of years. I will be keeping an eye on the old hydro bill in the next few months to see if I see a difference over last year. My guess, YUP.

It was tempting to go with stainless but as our dishwasher is white and in perfectly good health we just went with the white. I’m not sure how long we will be in this condo… but again, it isn’t our dream home so we go with nice but not fancy. Besides, this is me we’re talking about, I spend as little time as humanly possible in a kitchen.

There were a few things that were a given though.. ceramic cook-top, self-cleaning and not the cheapest around for the range, glass shelves (no more wire!) and .. well I didn’t have that many must-haves for the fridge cos we can’t do an ice-maker and that would have been it if it were possible without having to re-plumb the kitchen. We lucked out with the fridge though because the model we picked out and were all ready to sign on the dotted line for was sold out. So! The very nice salesman at Sears (can I just say I love the appliances from Sears? Seriously their Kenmore stuff rocks, the best vacuum I ever had was a Kenmore.) checked his stock and for the same price upgraded us to a model that not only has the removable glass shelves BUT also has the ADJUSTABLE removable glass shelves.


With all the weirdly shaped stuff one gets this is a benefit. I am in love with this fridge. Again it isn’t fancy, stainless, doesn’t spit out water and ice or have a TV in it BUT it isn’t old, crappy, smelly, NOISY and darn if it doesn’t just have to be set to ‘NORMAL’ to keep things cold!


It also came with an ice bucket thingie and for a family who has two members who “forget” to fill the ice trays when they take the last cube, this is a big benefit. It is the small things in life.

With the range I am just excited to leave behind the world of mystery spills that stink the place up when a burner is turned on.


Yay! Ceramic! We are officially out the 80’s with our appliances!


Another HUGE benefit for me is the covered lower element.


Cos when you accidentally burn your hand when trying to remove a pizza from an oven and you drop it face down on the element? It catches fire! This oven was made for clumsy people like me.

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