Happy Geeks

My three year old Dell Laptop “Dita” bit the dust a while back. I had been using my little netbook ever since and though it is fantastic for the most basic of functions they are not made for heavy lifting and many times I tested the extent of both its memory and its little Atom processor. I still love little Max and will continue to put him to good use and make sure that he stays in good health battery-wise, particularly on those nights I am just surfing, but for those other times when you just need a full-sized laptop WE GOT NEW ONES!

I say ‘we’ in the true sense of the word rather than the royal sense, Tom and I both replaced our Dells and Tom’s has found a new master in Sean. In fact we bought three from the same sales guy because Chris wanted to get one as well. We both commented that the sales guy (who was on commission BTW) should have looked a wee bit happier with the sale, he looked more like we had just stolen his puppy.

We settled on an HP model that had all the features we were looking for, but didn’t break the bank. I’m still amazed at how laptops have come down in price but they are a lot more mainstream now so the volumes being sold have had some effect on that I’m sure. I really cannot imagine being tied down to a desktop computer these days. Sitting on the couch with my laptop, itouch or netbook within easy reach just seems normal to me now. My Mum who doesn’t understand technology what-so-ever said to me “I hope you aren’t sitting there tapping away and ignoring your husband” I told her that I instant messaged him every now and then as he sat beside me on the couch. I was kidding of course. I Facebook him.

KIDDING! (mostly)

As with every new thing we get, there is much ceremony over the unboxing.

Well okay not so much ceremony this time as “DAMMIT I CANNOT GET THIS BLASTED BOX OPEN, HONNEEEYYYYYY CAN YOU BRING THE THING?”  I am kind of accident prone when it comes to sharp things, so Tom did the honours.

Here is my new little guy, who come to think of it is still nameless. How unlike me.


I’m still getting used to the positions of the keys. I have ended up being pretty good at adjusting though considering every computer I used for both work and play and their little nuances to deal with. Particularly the slightly squished keyboard of little Max. It took a while though to stop hitting the backslash key instead of the enter key, I still do it on occasion. It is a bit more of a stretch for my pinky that it has been on my other laptops.

He’s a good little guy though and SPEEDY. Holy cow what a difference I see, just in the start-up time alone. I think I have become less and less patient of slow response time. Just think, not that long ago what we used to think what was acceptable would cause a whole lot of teeth gnashing now.

Tom and his new laptop

To keep them company, I picked up a new wireless printer today. I WAS going to just by ink cartridges for our old printer cos I needed to print some docs and we were plumb out of ink, but MAN the printer is older so the cartridges are expensive to buy and harder to come by though they still do exist. Soo I saw how cheap the office jets are now, particularly those that are print,fax and scan combined, not that we REALLY need a scanner as we have.. well two of them. $129 bucks at Staples though and it is WIRELESS. Sold. Crappy picture though but you get the idea, I’m not gonna go all photographer-y grabbing a quick shot of the printer. Not top of the line or anything, but serviceable.


This model the extra-large cartridge in black is just over $30 and really most of the printing we do is document related. The cartridges that come with the printer the guy said would probably print around 100 pages. I bought an extra black to have on standby.

While I had the camera out though I took a couple of shots of the fuzz-balls cos they looked sooo cute.



Look at those faces.. awwww.

Oh yeah and because I love pink and I no longer have my pink laptop I was happy to see in the clearance section Dell was selling off  a pink messenger bag for 12 bucks.

I mean that was a no-brainer for me. With tax  (Free shipping too) it came to $13 and change and I ordered it last night and just got the notice it just shipped. Huzzah!

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3 Responses to Happy Geeks

  1. Sue says:

    Gee -all this new stuff – did you guys win the lottery or something? :)

  2. americanuck says:

    Haha oh Sue, I wish! Naw the kitchen stuff I saved for AGES ago we just never got around to buying it and the laptops were a gift to ourselves cos well, we deserved it. Most of the other ‘new’ stuff like the cameras were all from rewards points so no money at all.

  3. Sue says:

    Gotta love those rewards points! The new laptops look awesome! I had almost talked myself into a new one,but Ed added memory to this one and now it zips along.

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