Hey Now What You Doing

Part of living with three other people (and two furry ones) in less than 1,100 square feet of living space is making the best of the room that you have. That is one thing we need to get better at. We’re guilty of allowing clutter to accumulate and then start to take over. Surfaces end up as storage and that seriously drives me crazy, I WANT everything to have its place it is a matter of getting to and staying at that point.

One of the projects I have assigned myself is to do just that, one room at a time. This will lead up to, at least I hope, getting the place repainted. One of the roadblocks I face though is our F*@KING floor. After the lengthy wait we had in it originally being installed after the flood we’re now faced with it having bowed up right in the middle of the transition space between the living and dining rooms, a high traffic area to say the least. It got steadily worse as the summer progressed and I had reported it to the flooring company who has sent SEVERAL people to ‘look’ at it.. hmm and hah over it and then finally the installer to try to repair it. He apparently tried to remove baseboards to see if it would straighten itself out but NOPE. My guess is they flooring wasn’t given enough time to acclimate to the place and there wasn’t enough room provided for expansion. Anyway the guy said he would order more of our flooring and then arrange to come back. That was several weeks ago and we haven’t heard a peep from them since. In the meantime the floor has now got a gap in it that overlaps and makes a squeaking/whooshing sound when you step on it.

The rest, well they make creaking noises. So wish I could turn back time before that stupid flood and get the old floor back. UGHHHHH. Soooo tomorrow I am going to call the first guy again and bitch about it. This is seriously crappy customer service BUT I will give them a chance to rectify before I start marching outside their shop with my placard.

Anyway! You can see the challenge no?

So to make it easier I am starting with rooms that don’t involve the humpy, gappy floor, just the creaky ones :-/

First of the list was the dining room. A while back.. geez months ago we bought a new dining room set. I mentioned it in a previous post in passing. Well, it was finally set up but I wasn’t happy with the placement, and having the sideboard/credenza or whatever you want to call it near the front door = another place to easily store junk. Since the thing is so darn HEAVY I needed Tom to help me. The poor guy has been working non-stop for the last few weeks so what do I do when he finally has a day off? Manual labour!

This is the old dining room (check out the mere three DVD towers we had back then)

OMG I can see the table

The set was okay, but certainly not the best quality. The chairs started to come apart over time, first getting wobbly then dropping bits. Also? Having light beige cloth seats? Not the best idea when you have kids or for that matter cats that like to lay on the chairs and shed (and worse) on them.

Dining Room

The new set is darker wood, more heavy-duty with four chairs and a bench. The seats are padded and faux leather which makes it much easier to keep clean. There is more to it with the credenza so placement was important as we only have so much room to work with. We ended up shifting the movie towers to the shorter wall closest to the door which gave us more room to work with and it seems more open somehow now.

Dining Room Reorg

Dining Room Reorg

I’m planning on putting my smaller Joe Average up on the far wall and I want to find something to put on the credenza.. so right now the print is just uh’leanin’ and the crappy little flower thing is a placeholder. They will all need to come back down again when we paint but lord knows when that will end up being. SO they will go up.

On the movie wall there are a few framed movie posters from the “Ocean’s” movies and this cool little film reel wall hanging thing we found on one of our trips down south.

Movie Reels wall hanging

I need to frame up this picture from “Some Like it Hot” too…I picked it up a while back it is signed by Tony Curtis. I was glad to help out his and his wife’s horse rescue AND  have a little something from one of my fave movie stars. =)


It isn’t ‘finished’ yet by any means but I’m happy with the start. I will probably start haunting stores like Bed Bath and Beyond a bit more in the coming months. The biggest improvement will be warming up the wall colour cos I REALLY REALLY HATE the existing colour, especially with the floors being the colour they are now.

One step at a time.

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