Imagine my Frustration

After our kitchen flood last year we’ve had a bit of an adventure with replacing the floor.  With the company bringing the wrong wood, then running out of said wood (because it was someone else’s no doubt), then scheduling to come back with the extra wood and bringing our original selection as the wood to finish the job (aha! after they tried to claim what they brought WAS my original choice) to finally getting it installed *inhale* we thought that little nightmare was over… but it wasn’t.

Ummm yeah... they need to come fix our floor

So after months of following up with the original restoration company who called the flooring sub-contractor, who called their sales guy (who came to look at the problem), to calling their head installer (who ALSO came to look at the problem), to an installer coming in to try to fix the problem by releasing pressure on the baseboards (he couldn’t), to saying they would need to order wood and call me back to schedule another visit to fix… there was this radio silence. I heard NOTHING for an additional several weeks. I finally got fed up and called the sales guy and was transferred over to another person who had our file. She said they were still waiting for a couple more answers and they would call me back.. WTF? So a while later I get a call from the installer’s scheduler to tell me they have installers ready to come out this past Monday. FINALLY.

So they showed up on Monday with a box of wood in hand in case they need to replace any boards. I hear them conferring on the best way to tackle the problem and they start shifting our furniture and ripping up boards.


They find several stress points where the wood was too tight to the wall. Their boss shows up and he talks to them and then comes over to me and says the delay all this time was his fault. He had on his assessment (I guess he was the guy that came when Tom was home) said that he believed the problem was due to us washing the floor incorrectly causing moisture to get into it and causing expansion. He said when he did his walk around he heard creaking in several spots and in his experience this was caused by wet mopping of the floor. Um NO!!!  We don’t frigging wet-mop the floor I am not THAT stupid. Plus hello, we saw what water does to laminate flooring.  We don’t wear shoes into our house and most if not all cleaning other than spot cleaning is vacuum and dry swiffering! Tom had told him that when he had done his walk-about.

I said as much to him and said we were fine through the Winter but as the summer got hotter and more humid in here (and we had some doozy days) the hump got higher and higher, when the humidity went down the floor deflated somewhat. As we reached the end of the summer it went down to a smaller hump with ripples and then finally with all the stress caused a fault line to appear once a board slipped under another. He said it was rare something like this would happen and  it was his fault  “his bad” not the flooring company that it took this long to resolve. Well in my opinion he is a representative of the flooring company. Needless to say I won’t be recommending this place to my friends in the future.  I said whatever, just glad they were here to fix it now because seriously I do NOT want any more BS with our floor.

Anyway, as I said they found several stress points. As they worked they realized they would need to rip up the living room AND the second bedroom. They also realized that not only would the one box they brought with them not be enough, but it was broken! Hairline cracks in the wood, that it has probably been dropped in the past on the corner and wasn’t noticed. *Sigh*… so they called their dispatcher to find out where they could get more wood and luckily this time it wasn’t CALGARY so they could go get it and come back. They were gone about an hour and then started up working again. As the cats were locked up during this process they were sprung during this hour from their bedroom prison. Cinny of course had to check everything out. Nutmeg was still holed up in the room. He had left the shower (he is afraid of strangers and noise) and was laying on our bed at least.


Turns out in the end they only needed to take up part of the second bedroom, which is good because there is a LOT of crap in there to move. But look! Yippee! A flat floor once again!


No more tripping over it or listening to that creaking puff noise it made when we stepped right on it. And seriously? If we ever have any more problems we are going with CARPET and lino in the kitchen. I am DONE with laminate flooring.

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