Strutting My Stuff

It finally happened. We were in the States and I didn’t go to Ross. Ross OR Macy’s.  Incroyable! Yep, they’d let me down too many times in the past few trips, that and because I’d found me a new love; Kohl’s.

Now we’d been to Kohl’s before but I never really poked around there for clothes, mostly because I’d already spent most of my trip shopping budget before I even got there. Kohl’s was where I looked for purses and ballet flats… and where we bought our coffee maker. The first time we did a real root ’round Kohl’s was coming back from our Seattle trip.  We had been coming back basically empty-handed and had shopping money to spend dammit, and that last little stop in Burlington Kohl’s we’d both hit the mother-lode in things we wanted to buy. So to test out whether or not that was a fluke, on our day trip to Bellingham the other day we hit up their Kohl’s. Man! I could have spent TONS more than I did (had to show a little restraint as it was just a day trip) but I found lots of tops and sweaters and costume jewelry and and… oh I had to cull things severely because I liked too much of it. I did walk out with several tops, a couple of sweaters and some funky jewelry that is perfectly ME. Score!

Related but slightly off topic, the car parked near us had this sticker on the front which amused me greatly.  Ironically on the lower right on the sticker is a gub deredrum  !talpS


Sean had come with us for the day, I’m thinking mostly cos of the prospect of a dinner at Anthony’s… that and hitting up the Hot Topic for his beloved band shirts. He tolerates us more than “The Boy” though so there is that too. He patiently trailed after us without complaint.. correction trailed mostly after Tom because he didn’t want to hang out in the women’s dept and look like some kind of creeper.

We’d adjusted our travel time across the border to end our shopping closer to dinner time and so we wouldn’t have so much time to kill and it worked out pretty well. We had an early dinner ’round 4-ish, then a walk-about on the B’ham waterfront to take our usual pics. It wasn’t a super-nice day weather-wise but at least it wasn’t raining.

After dinner in the lobby of Anthony’s


Sean is more tolerant of photos, well at least a few… then the eyes start rolling.

Lot of fishermen’s nets and floaties were lying around, but none of them very colourful for some reason. Ah well, I like the texture they create while in a pile.


While we were by the water’s edge, Tom spotted a couple of harbour seals who appeared to be either the mortal enemies of OR goofing with, a bunch of seagulls. I don’t know much about how those species get along, but I was kind of pissy with the seagulls because every time I would get focus locked on a seal the gulls would swoop down on their heads and they would dive under water. I did manage to get a couple of good shots off though. Seriously cute creatures they are!

Now you see him…

now you.. well you know..

A serious self-portrait..

followed by Tom’s Leo impression

Oh wait…there’s Strutting Leo to join him… heh.


As we were leaving the waterfront the sun was starting to set. I wish we’d stuck around a bit longer because the sky ended up being a gorgeous pink and purple but we did catch the beginning of the sunset.


T’was a good day.

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