It’s Catching Up

Mon and I were invited to a lunch with a former boss last week, he wanted to see how we were doing after he heard the news of our positions being cut. He had retired a couple of years ago and we hadn’t been in touch very often since them, though I would always ask about him to his long-time friend (another former colleague) who he continued to meet up with regularly. He is a very sweet man and I swear, stopped ageing in 1997 when we first met. For all I know it was before that, but seriously he has hardly changed.  We met up in Burnaby, my old stomping grounds which was kind of fun for me because I rarely have any reason to go there. Most of my travels the other side of the bridge were always via skytrain so I’d not spent much time driving around the city, not that I did MUCH this time around either. We’re talking pretty much a straight shot down Kingsway but while some of that part of the city looks the same, SO much has changed.

We had a great time catching up and we exchanged contact info etc. He offered all his support and himself as a reference which is much appreciated as are all the offers from our former colleagues, it means a lot to me. We all plan on definitely getting together again in the near future. After lunch Mon invited me to hang out at her house for a while and we just kicked back and yapped for a few hours. We had both grown to be very good friends, particularly after working together so closely these past few years on some pretty intense projects. We both have a very similar work ethic and thought process which meshed very well. We always laughed about how we would both be coming from different perspectives at times but would generally come to the same exact conclusion. Though we will still see each other, I think I will miss working with her most of all.

It is still weird not HAVING to get up and go to work on a daily basis but I think I’m adjusting to it. I felt a bit at loose ends for a while, a lot of who I am was tied up into what I did. Separating myself from that has probably been the most difficult, you know, the whole FINDING yourself. What I have found is an inner Bed Bath and Beyond junkie.  I’ve been in the neighbourhood after dropping Sean or his girlfriend off at her house or going to the dentist and there is this HUGE magnetic pull that I simply cannot resist.  I’ve been pretty good though, I mean I’m not dropping huge amounts of cash there, though it would be really easy for me to do just that. I picked up some  “linen-look” sheers for the windows in the living room the other day (that JUST went on clearance HELLO!) and just need to work out how I want to hang the scarf valances to add the pop of colour… without wanting to tear them up in frustration. They are really really annoying to hang. I didn’t want to go with full think drapes there though because as I’ve said in the past, this place is a bit of a cave so we need all the natural light we can get.

I’m getting closer to choosing an area rug, at least I think so anyway. I hate that I know exactly what I want but cannot actually find it and I’m hesitant to settle because I’m afraid I will then see one that completely fits the bill. There has to be more places that sell area rugs around town that don’t cost a fortune. I just want a colourful rug to put in front of the couch for less than a couple of hundred dollars. We don’t want to spend a lot of money because face it, the cats are going to vomit on it, it is a given… but it doesn’t mean it has to be an ugly vomit rug right?


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