Bonne fête à toi

Tom was on the early shift today, which for him means it starts at ungodly o’clock (aka 5:00 am.)  I’ve never had to start working that early… no I lie, ONCE I had to get to work that early for a conference call with some network guys on Eastern time who couldn’t give me any other time and being the trooper I was, I dragged my butt downtown at ungodly hour… driving through the DTES of Vancouver (aka drug city) when the zombies were still roaming the streets.  Not smart, coulda taken a different route. ANYWAY… I digress.

The reason I bring up the early shift is that Tom was already at work, and had been for a few hours by the time I got up this morning, the morning of his birthday.  Yep the poor dear had to pull the dreaded shift on his special day… and all week in fact so no dinner, wine and celebrations, yet. That shall come this weekend, at least the wine and celebration. With our track record the dinner could be next year, we just did Sean’s and his birthday is in May!




Well I guess you can’t see, but trust me those pictures of from Sean’s five month’s late birthday dinner. This one too.


Those are the annoying ho-bags that were at the restaurant, a bit blurry but Tom’s face is priceless. Not sure what they were celebrating but they held us up while driving in purposely walking slowly in front of the car, then at reception about some kind of reservation mix-up, then drunkenly walking by our table MANY MANY times with cheeky remarks. I’m not kidding when I say ho-bags and that isn’t even commentary on the style of dress (though it qualified, trust me.. whatever happened to dressing sexy with a little class?) it was the rude behaviour. Makes me sound like an old fuddy-duddy but even the boys were annoyed and commenting on them being classless so HA not just me.

Ooops there I went again, hopping back on the track before the day is over in our time zone!

Today was Tom’s birthday, and he was at work. So I took a picture of his presents for him to see.

Tom's Birthday


Tom's Birthday

Cards from all of us (this one’s from me obviously)

Tom's Birthday

And then on to present opening. His expression on this one slays me.

Tom's Birthday

Tom had been eyeing a camera and it was on his Christmas wish list. I moved it up a tad. The memory card is from Chris and the case is from Sean (Sean’s first pay-cheque paid for that! Yep he got a job!) SURPRISE!!!

Tom's Birthday

Happy Birthday my Love!!!
Tom's Birthday

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