The Monster Mash

I was just saying to friends that there are two times a year that I miss having little ones, Halloween and Christmas. Halloween was my Christmas, it was MY holiday. I was into the decorating, the dressing up and escorting the kids around while they begged for candy. Now living in a condo with two grown boys, Halloween is just another day. I outgrew the whole party thing years ago, getting together with friends for dinner or drinks sure, but parties? Not so much. I’m not judging, if that is your thing then more power to ya! Come to think of it, I think this picture is of the last year I actually went to Halloween parties (cropped just to show me of course.) Ah to be that thin again!

The boys are enjoying their Halloween parties in their own ways. Chris had one last night with friends and went as Billy Mays (the Oxy Clean guy), I helped with the beard but the rest was all him and hilarious!

Chris as "Billy Mays" The Oxy Clean guy

Sean is just hanging out with his girlfriend and some other friends tonight, a tad more low-key with no dressing up involved (for him anyway.)

We watched a PVR of the original “Halloween” (John Carpenter’s) which used to scare the crap out of me. All we noticed was the terrible acting and the lack of any colour in the trees considering it was supposed to be October in the mid-west. It was followed by a viewing of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.. a classic in my books. I still have the ticket stub to one of the shows I went to as a kid.  Good times.

Happy Hallowe’en!

Autumn 2010

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