Bring in Da Noise

Our washing machine had been making some reeeeaaaalllly strange noises during the rinse/spin cycles, basically anytime that the drum has to do any major spinning in the same direction. During the wash/agitate cycle things sound relatively normal. One Google search later trying to describe said noise in a few words (because come on people Google can diagnose EVERYTHING) I was presented with results that ran the gamut from a foreign object stuck (like a button), a worn belt to something more dramatic like full motor failure.  Every site recommended that one doesn’t ignore a noise because catching it early may prevent more serious damage as a result.

Tom called and booked the service and we continued to use ol squealey.. I mean we need clean clothes right? The repair man who came was pleasant and efficient but a little bit hard to understand, I’m guessing English was his second language. He was talking to himself in the laundry room and I heard him turning the spin cycle on and off, then the sound of an electric screw driver as he removed the front panel. He was making clucking noises so I popped my head into the room and he motioned for me to come closer. “See that?”  Not wanting to look stupid (I could see nothing) nodded sagely and hoped he would continue… “oil there, there, there” ummm okay so what does that mean? There were more words but all I got was…”Oil, transmission, motor fail and expensive”. I asked HOW expensive… one person’s expensive could be more than another’s…. “Oh… around $500 minimum.”

I immediately laughed and said well hell, I could buy another for a few hundred more brand new! He smiled and nodded and proceeded to put the panel back on the machine. I asked if we could continue to use it in the meantime, he said we could but to watch it. So now I’m treating it like an unexploded bomb. I have NO IDEA what watch it meant.. when I asked he didn’t elaborate. Just to keep an eye on it if it gets worse. Worse HOW?  Like worse noise? Flames? Did I stop doing laundry though? No. But now I’m keenly aware of an oily smell in the laundry room. I’m guessing all that leaking oil is going to eventually cause the moving parts to cease up.

Sooooo today, Tom and I are heading out to pick out a new washer/dryer set. We need to do a little measuring first, but we’re kind of hoping we can get full-sized appliances and a stacking kit rather than a stacked set (one unit like we have now). Yeah the last set is not even 5 years old BUT it was the cheapest one we could find (money was very tight back then) and we do a LOT of laundry in this family. That little guy gave his all.

We figure we may as well get ourselves a really nice set if we can. Several factors are at play here,  1) that the units will fit through the door ways.. ALL of them from the front door, through the kitchen and into the laundry room (the fridge we bought BARELY got through the kitchen door, we’re talking less than a millimetre on each side) and 2) the ceiling height in the laundry room is lower than the kitchen. Tom has visions of super high-capacity that can fit 14 gazillion pairs of jeans (he’s the laundry nerd in the family.) It will be nice to have a dryer that doesn’t need a cycle and a half to dry a small load.

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