…Bring in Da Funk

Well we did it. New washer/dryer BOUGHT, delivered no, but BOUGHT yes.

Aaaaand I’m happy to report it isn’t a repeat of the stacked dealies that have proven so “sucksessful”  we splashed out (heh splashed) and got a REAL washer and a REAL dryer. Separate yet symbiotic. The yin and yang of laundry. A laundry PAIR!

As we’re still dealing with a glorified closet (with a closet) we can’t do the side by side thing, but I kinda like the way these puppies look stacked. Dare I say they are kind of sexy? Can appliances BE sexy?

We kind of went in there blind, none of my typical weeks of research because frankly the thought of going weeks watching for ol squealy to self destruct would be too much to bear. When I was within my bubble of denial it was okay, sure it was making some interesting noises but it still washed clothes as well as it did before. I mean it was always graded on a curve right? But now, now I am aware of the fact that there is an angry and grease deprived motor just waiting for the right moment to blow up. It will probably pick a time when I’m alone and vulnerable (they always do) and scare the ever-living-shi..er crap out of me.

We went to Trail Appliances, there happens to be a store within easy driving distance. We were going to just start there and then keep looking but they wooed us with their lower prices, quick delivery time and the assurance that they will not only deliver and assemble the new bad boys in their stacking kit, but will haul away squealy and his conjoined twin. Plus! We didn’t have to go anywhere else. I did some post-purchase research just in case but we really got a good deal so no buyers remorse for this girl.

The sucky bit is that we will have to wait a bit longer as they called today with the news that the washer won’t arrive until the end of the week. So I guess I will still be keeping a close eye on old squealy for another week.

What did we choose you ask? The LG large capacity steam washer and dryer… as we don’t have it yet, I can’t take my own pictures (but trust me, they will be forthcoming when they arrive whether you like it or not)  but here are links to them on the LG site.. the washer is HERE and the dryer is HERE. Take your time, I will wait while you go look. Are you back? NICE eh eh?!

I may have to resort to some manual reading (something my husband can attest to that I rarely do, I’m a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kinda gal) cos these machines are a tad fancier than I’ve ever used. Not to mention the only front loaders other than the laundromat experiences I would rather forget from my youth. But there are STEAM compartments and gizmos and more cycles that you can shake a stick at. My past washers had cycles that ranged from barely agitates to rips the shit out of your clothes. Our current washer for instance likes to pull the strings out of hoodies or turns them into intricate works of twisted art. I’m not saying the new ones won’t play games with me, they will just do it with more elegance.

We got the titanium colour, mostly because the white looks a tad too much like an astronaut’s helmet for my taste and the red isn’t my cup of tea. Now I want to replace our new appliances with stainless! Kidding! Sort of…

So yeah the fanciest appliances we have will be hidden away in a closet, so really they could have been PURPLE for all that it would matter, but even if we’re the only ones who see them other than potential buyers of our place down the road, they are certainly esthetically pleasing. I sure hope they clean as nice as they look.

In other news our hall table is arriving tomorrow. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I bought a hall table. We don’t have a hall really but we have this crazy empty space under the kitchen pass-through window that is crying out for a hall table. I bought it over a month ago, it was being made for us and it is finally ready. That sounds pretentious but it’s not really, the place where we have bought most of our furniture makes pretty much everything to order unless you happen to buy a floor model or they have it made already in the colour you want in stock  and they are made from real wood. Not laminated crap. Our dining room, headboard, couch and chair and a half were all from this store. My fave sales guy knows me on sight now. Isn’t it cool you can choose your own colour of stain? I had no idea there were so many shades of brown. There are several black/browns too so I’m hoping I picked the best one. It is a transition piece from our dining to living room and the living room furniture is darker than the dining room so it should work well. The sales guy said to me, “if someone examines it that closely AND comments on it, kick em out of your house” heh, word.

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