When it Comes to Living

I continue with the slow.. very slow redecoration process in our condo.  By the time I’m done it will be time to redecorate again and oy don’t even ask me about paint. I haven’t even started thinking about paint colours. Of course the painting of the major rooms will need to wait until Spring anyway, the cats don’t know it yet but they’ll have to go to “jail” during that process. No kitty hairs in my paint jobs please! So that means in the end, that I have a while before I have to pick a paint colour (phew!)

Anyway, this is the living room “before” and by before I mean kind of a long time ago cos I don’t tend to just take random room pictures, but it will serve to show some of the differences. Sean is a good marker for how old that picture is… he’s so little (and with short hair!)

Yes it's CLEAN

Dusted 'n' stuff even

Totally spanking clean

Now here is the current..
Living room now

Still a ways to go BUT much brighter I have to say. And look! Something actually hanging on the curtain rods! All furniture except the couch and chair have been swapped out (and they need cleaning!) and new table lamps.

One recent addition that I love is the iHome. We had one in our room in Cannon Beach and it sold me on the concept. We haven’t drunk the Apple kool-aid (other than the iPod Touch cos I love that thing) but because we all have them the iHome works great and replaces that clunky old Sony stereo from the ’90s that I still had until recently. I mean who uses CDs anymore? The sound quality is great too for such a little unit and it comes with a remote.
All we need

I also wanted to shake up the stuff on the wall. I still don’t have my Joe Average prints up yet (looking at you Hon!) but some of my other additions worked with existing hardware so I swapped em out. Over the mantle I took down the clock that was there and replaced it with a mirror I got from Chris for Christmas… I think last year.

Mirror I got from Chris for Xmas

I then put a couple of prints that I picked up from Ikea ages ago. I like the … I think they’re tulips, the best out of the two.

Print from Ikea - simple but cute

The other side of the mantle and the coordinating Ikea print... not my fave of the two.

I still need to find an area rug… yep still looking! Overall though I’m happier with the look.

Wider angle

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