Phoning it in

I missed having a blackberry. I had a work one but well that isn’t around anymore. I never had any social use of it for obvious reasons but I did feel more I dunno “plugged in” if I needed to be.

I was sighing over my loss and Tom said “why don’t you get one?” I muttered about how it isn’t a NEED more than a want.

He said “so its a want you’ll get use out of it, you’ll have fun with it and you’ve not had a personal cell in years…”

He got that far and I screamed “OKAY!!!!”

Yeah took so much arm twisting right??

Sooo now I have my lovely BB 3G not super fancy, just right. I love keyboards where you can feel that “click” when you thumb type. I am not an iphone girl I am a BB with a keypad girl. We may be a dying breed but I don’t care.

Best part? Cos the phone is mine I can add all that social crap including wordpress and blog right from this here phone. *geeks out*


*Edited from my laptop to add*

Hummm okay OBVIOUSLY I need to poke around the mobile wp app a bit cos the picture posted fricking HUGE so had to adjust a lil on my laptop. Heh.

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