White Room

Well turns out we are getting the astronaut looking washer/dryer after all. Trail Appliances called and said that they had a delay again from LG on delivery of the Titanium coloured …. I think it was the washer that was the cause of the monkey-wrench.  Anyway long story short, it was either take a chance that they MAY get one by the end of the month or take a white set. As the smell of oil is getting stronger in our laundry room and I think the washer has started speaking in tongues I was pretty sure we should just take the white one. I told the fellow I wasn’t happy about this, I mean when we paid for them he had gone to check stock and had promised a delivery time of the following week, it wasn’t until that week we found out they didn’t actually have any and were told this Saturday.. then I got a phone call the other day with the next bit of bad news. Sigh.  He was apologetic and all, but geesh why not be up-front right from the start if there was a chance they wouldn’t have what we wanted in stock?

Anyway, even though I was pretty sure he wouldn’t care about the colour… I ran it by Tom who agreed we don’t want to go any longer without a reliable set so white it is. So their names are now Buzz and Gus, you figure it out.

So at some point tomorrow we’re going to be able to get caught up on Mt. Laundry Pile ™ crossing figures!


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