Space Oddity

The Eagle has landed.

The delivery and installation went smoothly, or so Tom said because I was hiding in my pyjamas in our room, heh.

Before all that went down however, one of the requirements is that you have your old machine unplugged and ready to haul away.

New Washer Dryer!

Prior to delivery it is also prudent to vacuum what hasn’t seen the light of day since the floor went in. Look out dust bunnies.

New Washer Dryer!

Like I said I was hiding when the guys were here so no pictures of that, but (dunnn dunnn dunnn daaaaa!) here are Buzz and Gus!

New Washer Dryer!

Buzz Aldrin:
New Washer Dryer!

Gus Grissom:
New Washer Dryer!

The delivery guys had sprayed some windex down on the floor to grease the way for the machines to slide… Tom executed some mean paper towel moves to clean it up.

New Washer Dryer!

Travolta eat your heart out.

New Washer Dryer!

When we ran them for the first time we found out not only did it have little musical tones when you change your settings and start the machines up, but when they are finished the play a happy little song. Much nicer than the scary BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ noise the old dryer used to make.

Tom’s been happily doing laundry ever since, he’s the laundry geek in this relationship. He read the manuals and gave me a demo, a much happier scenario for me cos I tend to learn by doing rather than reading which can make for some mistakes…and when that involves soap and water it is probably better I know what I’m doing rather than to experiment.

Tom’s comment on my FB status update on the delivery last night made me laugh “…and it looks like Studio 54 when you turn the lights off in the laundry room!!” So true! These suckers put on a light show.

I know, we’re geeky like that.

Finally, as I must… there shall be no plastic

New Washer Dryer!

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