Puppy Love

With the threat of wintery-type weather seemingly on the horizon (blech) and a break in the more typical rainy, a friend and I took the opportunity to head to White Rock so I can meet her new puppy. I’ve soooo wanted to get a dog for years but living in a condo (that limits pets anyway) doesn’t allow for that so I normally am limited to making goofy faces and squealing at the puppies in the local pet store.  Animals love me, I love animals.

And who couldn’t love this face?

White Rock - Nov 16, 2010

Did I turn into a blithering idiot talking to her? Oh yeah you betcha! “WHOSE A CUTE PUPPY? WHOSE A CUTE PUPPY? THAT’S RIGHT YOU ARE!!”

She’s still getting used to a leash and is interested in EVERYTHING around her which was highly amusing. There were plenty of stops to sniff and she kept dodging under the roadside fence as she is just the right size to slip underneath with no effort.

One drag about White Rock is they don’t allow pets on the promenade…so the walking we did was along the street which sucks because damn if it wasn’t a pretty day down by the water. There was hardly anyone there either, something that rarely occurs on a weekend or summer vacation days which is generally when I would go to White Rock in the past.

White Rock - Nov 16, 2010

I tried to get her to pose in front of a red fire hydrant (would have been a cute photo op) but she was having none of that… was more interested in sniffing all the strange smells than cooperating with some annoying lady and her camera.

White Rock - Nov 16, 2010

After a walk back up the hill from the pier we turned around had some fish and chips at one of the roadside restaurants. White Rock is lousy with them, all within a couple of block radius. They gave us TONS of food, far too much to even attempt to eat. Soon is was time for Mum and baby to go back home, it was nice to see her and hang out and have some girl time, human and canine, but puppy can only handle so much time on a leash.

White Rock - Nov 16, 2010

After they left I fed the parking meter a little more and took a solo walk and enjoy more of the crisp weather and the solitude of the waterfront. Being near water has always been my happy place and over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in White Rock walking the waterfront and people watching.

The sky was particularly pretty with the sun peeking through the clouds.

White Rock - Nov 16, 2010

You could see the threat of rain  being held at bay, though I kept a careful eye out. Didn’t want my camera damaged!

White Rock - Nov 16, 2010

Everyone was dressed for a cool day, some people had on gloves, hats and scarves which was a wee bit of an overkill for me but then again, I think of Tom and he would probably have done the same (haha.)

White Rock - Nov 16, 2010

White Rock - Nov 16, 2010

Good times.

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