You Can Bring Me Flowers

In my quest to redecorate, one of my main focuses is to add colour to our rooms. I’ve got some great Joe Average prints that are finally framed but still on the “honey-do” list to hang (ahem)… along with some kitschy Ikea prints that I love, but I wanted to have some prints that weren’t pop art, or totally abstract… what I really wanted was a water-colour.

I went to my go-to site for hand-made things (Etsy) and did some searching and found exactly what I was looking for, something floral, delicate and simple called “Dancing Poppies” by Karen Faulkner.

Etsy Addiction - Karen Faulkner art

This will eventually go in our bedroom but for now it is standing on the credenza awaiting my hanger-man to hang it, um that is after I figure out exactly where I want to put it. With my record, that could take a while.

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