It Ain’t Winter YET


Excuse me Mother Nature, the calendar clearly says that it isn’t winter yet. When I have friends in ONTARIO that are bragging about their lack of snow and mild temperatures there is something very wrong with the world. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago the skies were sunny and you would walk in a sweater and get away with it.  This last week we’ve had nights where the temperature was dropping into the minus TEENS for crying out loud.

Tom had yesterday and today off work. Yesterday was FREEZING cold and we had to spend part of it outdoors, the reason WHY we did is a secret… for now anyway. Today it wasn’t as cold but damn it all if it didn’t snow. AGAIN.

Since like the song says since we had no place to go, we goofed around in the snow in the snow. Okay paraphrased a little.

Snow Day

Dressed for certainly what we thought would be colder temps we walked around our courtyard and then into our cul-de-sac and down the block a little. We didn’t go far (I mean it *is* Tom that was with me and he’s cold in the Spring) but we did do a few throw the snow up in the air shots with our OLDER cameras. Nothing fancy just fun.

This one looks like Tom is balancing a pile of snow on his head!

Snow Day

But he was really waiting for the snowball to come down and smash it…

Snow Day

Do that a few times you look a bit like this:

Snow Day

Or this:

Snow Day

With little bits of snow stuck on your hair:

Snow Day

Or lashes:

Snow Day

It isn’t a photo walk without our arms length self portraits. I take this one and look at it

Snow Day

and I said to Tom “Let’s do another one where you don’t have your turtle expression on… smile, LAUGH!” So I got this one.

Snow Day

Which inevitably caused this:

Snow Day

Man, I love this guy.

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