The Unicorn

Deja-vu all over again.

This exact thing happened a couple of years ago. The building alarm goes off and I look out to see a shit-ton of water pouring through the overhang outside of our condo’s main outside door.

Lights aren’t supposed to do that right?

I was keeping a wary eye on the water level, because last time this happened the water got increasingly higher up to the level of our window-sill and I have no idea how watertight those would be if a lake were to suddenly crest there.  The water was draining a bit better by the windows than the last time, but HOLY COW the water was pooling out in the courtyard and went for quite some distance too.

I was glad when they finally turned off the alarm, but the water continued to pour out. The firemen were walking around and from what I could see were scratching their heads. The current condo prez got the former involved and it seems as soon as he was he and one firedude went off running and the water blessedly STOPPED.

Super John to the rescue!

The whole time I’m humming this song in my head…cos seriously, I was starting to think we’d need a spare Giraffe or something.

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