Seasons in the Sun

Before Tom and I met we became online friends via a chat program called Virtual Places in ’99.

For you young ones out there; chat is the [air quote]  Olde Tyme [air quote] version of social networking replaced in recent years with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Waaay back before Facebook and Twitter were but a twinkle in their geeky developers eyes; nerds all around the world were talking computer to computer on  IRC, ICQ, various hosted chat programs and within that little insulated bubble known as AOL. Those were the days of dial-up internet my wee poppets. Yes, long before people complained about how their broadband connection won’t stream their movies to their Xbox quickly enough you used a dial-up modem and used your regular telephone line.  You had make a choice, phone or internet, internet or phone. In my world internet generally won.

I won’t go into the whole how we met/dating/marriage/moving to Canada story again (it is in the May 2005 archives over a series of posts if anyone wants to read about that.) but when we decided to meet up in person it was this car that drove him to Vegas and chauffeured me around the town. It was the car that moved him to me for good in 2003 after a loooooot of long distance dating and a lot of air miles accumulated.

The car is packed to the tits

Driving up from California

The same year he moved here we got a lot of snow, that poor car had never really seen snow.

Tom moves here and we get snow!

And poor Morty (I called him Morty) got hit and run right outside our home.

Hit and run damage

It is this car that drove us all back down to California for a family summer vacation to Aptos California and gave us all a comfy ride, even for the brats in the back seat. They still fought mind you, but man, it would have been a lot worse had it not been for Morty’s spacious back seat.

The quiet before the storm



He has driven Tom safely to and from work for years never mind countless road trips across the border to Bellingham, the trunk packed to the gills. He’d put in many many years of dedicated service but sadly, it became apparent by the many different strange noises, the shimmies and the various body fluids it was leaking it was time to put old Morty out to pasture.

I’d been saving all of our extra money for ages and I began planting the seed in Tom’s mind that it was time to buy a new car. We had the money now, it made sense to do that rather than pour any more money into a car that was quickly becoming a money pit. After the most recent puddle appeared under the car accompanied by a new mystery noise, Tom agreed it was time.

So the other day we bid old Morty a fond adieu.

Farewell old friend


Goodbye old friend

And said hello to a new friend, Tom’s new 2010 Chevy Cobalt.

New Car

New car


Sure it isn’t as luxurious as Morty was in his day, though he does have his share of bells and whistles as an LT model, but he’s 100% paid for and that my friends is kind of cool. We’ve never paid cash for a car before and it is nice knowing there aren’t those nasty monthly payments to worry about, not to mention the interest accumulating. It made good economic sense to do it this way as the savings rates suck balls and we got a nice cash back incentive to pay cash.

Goodbye Morty, it was nice knowing you.

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