Just Good Friends

I finally had an excuse to make it downtown and get my raggedy mop trimmed. It has been quite a number of months since my last haircut, I couldn’t say how long as, well, the last appointment was in my office calendar but it has been at least three months. I’ve never been good with keeping regular hair appointments, my hair generally gets to a place of looking really bad before I finally get around to getting it cut. It used to be really convenient to get my hair done as the salon was literally across the street from where I used to work but now because it means drive/train ride I will try to make it a two birds-one stone kind of thing.

One thing I do know though, I won’t stop going there to get my haircut as long as she’s there. I’m pretty loyal when it comes to hairdressers and my current one does a great job with the added benefit that we get along great. We are always yapping the entire time, she’s a hoot really and a super-nice girl. Hairdressers are kind of like bartenders and priests they get to know a lot about what is going on with your life (and when you make friends with them, vice-versa.) So what’s a little train ride, pfff.

This time it worked out great as I already had plans to meet up with a bunch of my friends downtown and have a little Christmas dinner this past Friday. So I took a chance and called to see if there was an available appointment right before and as luck would have it, there was. My hair looked great, too bad it only looks that great for the one day before I’m back in charge of  “styling” it.  It was so nice to see them all and shares some laughs, it was needed and cathartic. We did a little “Secret Santa” gift exchange as well which is always silly, fun  and much easier when you’re not dealing with a HUGE group of people. I had to drive though so no Bellinis for me :(

Speaking of Christmas,  it is almost upon us. Where has this year gone? Happy to say though I am officially DONE my shopping early again though I’ve certainly had more time to do it so there would be no excuse. Malls are definitely a lot easier to navigate on a weekday morning/afternoon that evenings or weekends are. Tree goes up this weekend and I’m looking forward to it. It is nice to sit all snuggled up on the couch with my Tommy in the warm glow of a tree. Also I can finally get to the wrapping, I don’t bother doing that until there is somewhere to put the wrapped gifts. I’m also liking the slow changes to our environment which will, I think, make the Christmas decorations look even better this year.

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