Night Bird Flying

The latest handmade addition to my jewelry collection is a sweet little bird and leaf lariat style necklace in sterling silver from the shop of  RingRingRing on Etsy. The bird is perma-looped into the leaf (there is a ring clasp at the back of the necklace) but you can adjust the length of the bird’s “dangle” by sliding the bird and the length of the entire necklace by the position in the extender at the back of the necklace.  The chain is delicate and the overall effect of the necklace is dainty and sweet. I received several compliments from strangers when I wore it the other day, it sure is a very unique and cute piece.

Latest Etsy find

I only wish I’d also grabbed a shot of the way the necklace was shipped but I was too anxious to put it on the day I received it.

It was carefully U-pinned onto a velvet insert in a box with a centre opening and snap closure. The presentation was terrific, it is obvious a lot of thought is put into the whole experience. The communication was excellent as well, I was notified by the seller when my package was being sent and by which service (in this case USPS) which is always appreciated.  I’m not big on vendors that use UPS to ship internationally as I’ve found out the hard way that UPS can tack on extra costs as they act as a broker and you’re stuck paying these additional fees COD so I was glad she used the US Postal Service.

I will always deal with a vendor that uses the postal service over one that uses UPS any day, in fact I avoid vendors that use UPS as a rule. Another plus is the seller is interested in complete satisfaction and offers not only a 30 guarantee but should there be any problems with the piece beyond that time-frame will work with you.

Another positive Etsy experience.

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