Slicker Than Your Average

A “Honey-do” officially scratched off the list.  The Joe Averages, they are up and looking smashing I must say.

“Born to Pollinate” in the living room
Dining room
“Floral Fatigue” in the dining room

Granted, they will have to come down again temporarily when we paint (cos lordy I hate that wall colour), but for now they are up and are no longer leaning against my dresser. So bonus on two fronts, I can admire them AND can now open my drawers easily again.

Art is a very subjective thing I know and my taste in art runs the gamut (though other than Robert Bateman whose style I adore, I’m not huge on realism, I will stick to photographs for that) but I’ve been drawn to pop art since I was a child, something about the bright colours I suppose. I’m sure Tom just likes the fact I’m happy, I think I’ve mentioned this before but he had zilch up on the walls when he lived alone and he didn’t care.  That would have driven me nuts, I’ve always had stuff on my walls.

Of the two my favourite is the one with the giant bee but hey, if you’ve grown up being called Bee pretty much all your life you like bee things, is just happens.

Since they’ve gone up on the wall I’ve found myself walking into the room and grinning at them.  That is what art  you love should do, make your insides beam.

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2 Responses to Slicker Than Your Average

  1. Tom says:

    On the plus side, I didn’t plaster my walls with naked, big-bazoomba girls, either! (or for that matter…posters of scantily-clad Stockard Channings or Jessica Tandy’s!)

  2. americanuck says:

    Haha your comment was spam blocked, must have been a combo of the fake email address and the word NAKED lmao.

    Excuse me while I go wash the image of scantily clad Jessica Tandy from my mind.

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