Santa Baby

It wouldn’t be the holidays without dressing up the cats in ridiculous costumes right? I always go in with the best of intentions, a quick plop in front of the tree and a “sit! stay!” command or two, click-click and Bob’s your uncle, but it never turns out that way. This year I started with Cinnamon, she’s the.. shall we say more cooperative of the two when it comes to wearing clothes. She’s not opposed to them at all as long as there isn’t any hats involved, that’s where it gets tricky. I tried to get the pictures including the hat done first, figuring she would be more grateful to have it gone and would maybe stay put a little better afterwards. Riiiight.

Santa Cats (Xmas 2010)
“I hate you Mother….”

You can almost feel the resentment right?

She gets up and starts to walk away to my “NOOOOOOO STAYYYYYYYY!!!”

Santa Cats (Xmas 2010)
Hmph!!! She plops her butt down and refuses to make eye contact.

Santa Cats (Xmas 2010)

Yeah, so we lost the hat…

Santa Cats (Xmas 2010)

but she’d clearly had enough.

“Ohhh Nutmeg!!” He comes out, sees that Cinny is in a costume and does a complete about-face and runs back into our room.

“Come on Buddy, if you cooperate it will be over in but a minute!!” I slip on his Santa suit.

Santa Cats (Xmas 2010)
No eye contact what-so-ever

Pleading doesn’t work

Santa Cats (Xmas 2010)

Nor the clicking of fingers…

Santa Cats (Xmas 2010)
Ummm “Screw you” he thinks

But the promise of treats… well that gets a little bit of a reaction…

Santa Cats (Xmas 2010)

Take it.. now or never…

Santa Cats (Xmas 2010)

That was the closest I could get.

Tom says the entire thing was pretty entertaining. Me placing cat, me sliding back into position, lifting camera, focus, compose… cat moves…. repeat. Sighs. Oh well, at least I got a few, I guess I should be happy with that!

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