Story About A Girl

Okay this is cool…

I would like to call it “Our year in photographs” but it is in fact a little closer to the last six months of 2010 in photographs (I am rather prolific when it comes to picture taking so one can only expect so much).  Pummelvision will, if you allow access to link to your account (which like many third-party applications does so via an API) will make you up a cool video of your public photographs set to a tune and upload it to vimeo or youtube account. Kinda neat eh? There are shots of family, a few friends and a whole bunch of photo-walk stuff in there.


Thanks to Miss Zoot for the link.

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2 Responses to Story About A Girl

  1. americanuck says:

    I know right??!! I love being able to skim through our life in pictures in such a cool way and it is SO easy cos the site does all the work for you. I’ve done picture compilations in the past but they were a lot of work, not enough pictures, I over-think them and then agonize over music.

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