Morning Comes Sooner

Well, it is after midnight in these parts so it is now officially Christmas Eve day.


In fact is it ohh… just about 1:00 am as I type this, so I should be heading to bed right about now. Tomorrow er I mean today is going to be a busy day of prepping, cooking, eating and festivizing with my little family. Followed of course by a glass of wine or two in the evening to wind down and relax.

I did something to my neck a couple of days ago and I’ve been putting heat on it, taking painkillers and walking around smelling like Rub-A535 (aka Rub Ass – have you ever looked at the label? I swear it is an optical illusion to make you see that.) So I’ve been a stiff-necked, medicated menthol mess shuffling around here but it is finally easing off. I still have twinges that go from my neck into my right shoulder-blade but at least I can turn my neck now though I’m not doing it with any speed.  I did however managed to once again escape what used to be my annual Christmas Cold/Flu so there is that.

So in honour of that, a couple of my favourite videos of Christmas Past… 1st up, Tom doing is very best Dean Martin impression while we were trying to figure out how the karaoke settings on the DVD player worked…


Followed by the decorating of our Cat Cinnamon (Cinny for short)



Merry Christmas!

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