New Toys

Ever since Christmas we’d been waiting for a day to let Tom give his new Rebel a good trial run. We lucked out with some sunshine and his day off (at the same time) so we went to White Rock. While I have about a BAZILLION pictures of White Rock already it is still one of my favourite places to go and really pretty much anywhere we go we’ve already been/shot there before.

While we were driving down the main drag I wondered aloud where the Millionaire Lottery House was. From the pictures I’d seen of it, it looked like it was overlooking the water. We spotted the signs pointing to the house and a steady stream of people going for the tour and decided to park nearby and have a look ourselves. I mean it shall be OUR HOUSE by the end of January don’t you know? I have a ticket on this thing and now that I’ve seen it, I refuse to accept it would belong to anyone but us! If you envision it, it will come true right?  The place has the most amazing views and a freakin’ elevator how bizarre is that?

White Rock - Jan 2 2011

Our new house from the outside…. [grin]

I’m sure the neighbours are hating the constant foot traffic and will be glad once that place is in our hands. ;)

It was a nice day though a tad chilly. I guess I can’t complain too much though, it is January after all and it wasn’t snowing.

White Rock - Jan 2 2011

White Rock - Jan 2 2011

We walked on for a while and saw that the rock balancing guy was there again. We’d seen him a few times and he’d found himself on my flickr stream from before. He has some lovely prints for sale so I bought one (hey I’m all for supporting the arts.)

White Rock - Jan 2 2011

I think Tom had fun playing with his new toy… and using some of my lenses. Trying a different lens other than the kit lens is a gateway drug for anyone who loves photography, it just makes you want MORE! DIFFERENT!)

Like me and my fisheye optic for my Lensbaby, I can’t help but play with that.

White Rock - Jan 2 2011


A Lens addict

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