Ms. 45

My creaky, snappy joints and I just turned 45 the other day. WTF? 45?


That was another year flying by.

No, I’m not going to go on about how old I am, cos I don’t feel old. Creaky and snappy yes, but not old. Sure I see the signs of age manifesting but I am getting used to this version of me. I’ve got some grey but Loreal and I take care of that every couple of months. Maybe one day I will be ready to embrace the grey but right now? Not so much. There are some fine wrinkles sure, but the smile/laugh lines I’m more than okay with, they show I smile and laugh a lot, and I do. When they get deeper I’m pretty sure I will be okay with those too but I will still moisturize.

I have to admit though, it just seems like yesterday when I turned 40 and I found my office filled with balloons and “40” confetti.  I bet whoever is sitting in my old desk now will still find the odd one stuck somewhere, the cleaning people there suck.

This is me at 40 wearing a piece of the confetti

40 written across my forehead

This is me at 45 with my new flash and camera strap, which I am in love with BTW can ya tell?
New flash and camera strap yay!

The strap is a Black Rapid woman’s strap, it is cross-body and very comfortable. No more neck pain!

New flash and camera strap yay!

Along with the strap and flash I also got a wireless trigger woohoo!
Birthday presents from Tom

I got a nifty chopper/whisker/blender thing from Chris

Birthday presents from Chris

Sean is saving for school so I told him not to go all crazy, he got me a kitchen gadget for making eggs. It isn’t pictured because he left it at his girlfriend’s house. Ooops. I guess I will get it one of these days.

All in all I made out like a bandit, combining Christmas AND my birthday, a very LUCKY bandit.



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