Beyond Average

I love art. I know I’ve said it a millions times before but it is true and I’ve made no secret of my love of Joe Average’s art in particular.  In the  80’s Joe was diagnosed HIV positive and has been living with the disease ever since. He’s a survivor but not one without enormous struggles.

I don’t know him personally but I’m getting to know him in a way through Facebook, first through his fan page and then through his personal page when he “friended” me after I had posted about my small collection of his art and how much I love it. It has been wonderful being able to interact with someone I admire on both an artistic and a personal level, he truly is a beautiful spirit.

Recently he announced a documentary on his life, his struggles with Lipoatrophy and the new direction his art has taken would be on CBC radio, it was broadcast this past Sunday. While he is surviving the disease and  has outlived so many others including many of his friends, it has been anything but easy. Despite the advances in HIV/AIDS medications which can  prolong life, they come with some daunting side-effects and he’s struggled financially as well. Please consider listening to the documentary, the link to the CBC page is HERE. To hear the segment pertaining to Joe, click on the link called “listen to hour two”. After listening to it, I just wanted to give him the biggest hug ever.

Joe hasn’t painted in a number of years, life having been too intense to be painting those bright colours but it is still available through prints from his website.

Please also consider a donation to A Loving Spoonful a wonderful society that helps those living with HIV/AIDS in Vancouver by providing free nutritious meals.

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