Ray of Light

Along with the hideous paint job….(teal crown moulding, base-boards and fireplace anyone?)

…the previous owners of our condo had supposedly upgraded some of the lighting fixtures. I’m guessing MAYBE the dining room unless the fixtures in the condo were worse than the cheapo generic condo “nipple lights”.

I don’t know what their official name is… but they are rather boob-like don’t you think?

New! Lights!

I’ve had a hate on for them for the last what? six + years that we’ve been here or so and it was TIME to say bye-bye to them for good.

Everything about electricity scares the crap out of me, so after a couple of trips to the Home Depot during their 20% off interior lighting sale, in comes handy-man Tom again to save the day.

New! Lights!

The one by the door proved to be a bit more of a challenge, the original wiring/anchoring job was a tad sloppy.. (yeah there is still some of that yucky teal in the kitchen around the laundry room door.. that will be addressed when we paint the whole place, we had run out of time/patience/will to finish that last bit before we originally moved in.)

There was some humming, hawing and deep thinking….

New! Lights!

New! Lights!

….but after a try or six we eventually succeeded. I can say “we” because my job was to hold the fixture out in front/above my head for extended periods of time. Trust me, this is harder than it sounds.

So two down and three more to go (umm well actually four cos we forgot about the boys’ room but we haven’t bought the fixture yet.)

The living room and dining room are a similar style,  just larger and semi-flush rather than flush (they’ve got a chrome dropped centre piece).

New! Lights!

They are definitely more stylish and more functional (they give off much more light.) I will particularly enjoy having a functional light in the living room rather than the fugly picture lights that are there now. We have a mirror over the fireplace, so  nothing like being blinded anytime the light is turned on.

We’ve also bought a new kitchen light to replace the spotlights that are in there now. Those were SUCH a stupid call as they cast all kinds of shadows around a kitchen, a room where you’d want to have functional lighting you’d think?!

When it is time for us to sell maybe the new owners will hate *our* lighting choices, but whatever.

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