Memory Lane (*walkin’ in da park)

Growing up a trip to Stanley Park was a fairly common occurrence, many times we would just walk around Lost Lagoon and feed the swans, duck and geese but at least a few times each summer we would walk around the park proper. Yes my mom is wearing stirrup pants and what appears to be a Pucci print top. And check out the height of the hair!  Gotta love the 60’s man.

Annette, Me and Mom

My sister and I are just about 7 years apart in age so for the first little while the four of us would go to the park but eventually we got lame. Here is my sister and me at “Second Beach” in Stanley park by the fire truck which I believe is the one that is still there to this day.  My Omma always sent us dresses that were either exactly alike or as close as she could get it. My sister probably hated that more than I ever did.


Here is my mom and me at Lost Lagoon

And with my mom had probably just yanked my hood up so I wouldn’t “catch cold”, it is zipped up to the neck too!
Me, the same day… check out those pants! Yeah gotta love the 70’s too.



Hey! Apparently most squirrels have always loved me! Man these old pictures just slay me!

I think this is the last time we were in Stanley Park
Oh my lord how small is Sean there? And check out Chris’  baby ‘stache hahaha!!
Chris-Sean with portrait


So yeah, it was time to go back again. Why had it taken this long? I think the primary reason was for years both Tom and I worked downtown and the LAST place we wanted to go when we had a day off together was downtown. Add to that the days off we had together then were A.) rare and B.) weekends! What happens on a sunny day on a weekend in Raincouver? Oh yes my friends, the parks are crowded, traffic is hellacious and that makes for a less than fun time. We’ve always been more for the local parks in our ‘burb rather than the big crowd magnets.

We did make a deal with ourselves to go a bit further afield if nothing else to inspire us to take some photos. I mean you can only take the same shots of say Bear Creek Park so many times yanno?

We waffled between Stanley Park and Steveston in Richmond but decided to leave Steveston for another day. We figured a Tuesday afternoon would be a great day to head to Lord Stanley’s park, and we were right. The downside was there is quite a lot of construction going on in the park, for instance part of the seawall around Brockton Point is blocked and you have to detour. Something we weren’t aware of until we got to the point and saw the fencing, a little warning would have been nice! Some brave souls would walk up the steep and very muddy slope right there by the lighthouse, but we didn’t want to risk our cameras and well frankly our asses and doubled back to where the incline was a touch less precarious.

Another thing was part of the roadway is torn right up which caused some delays just getting to a parking spot in the first place and you are basically off-roading just a little to get past the “loose gravel” area.
The roads in Stanley Park are under construction

Tom was bemoaning his practically brand-new and freshly washed car’s trip through this rough section of roadway, poor old “no name 2.0”. In the end it wasn’t too bad apart from picking up a rock or two in Tom’s snow tires (“tick tick tick”) and the section wasn’t huge, he was able to cut through the parking-lot beside the totem poles to shave off part of it.

Speaking of the totem poles, boy have they changed over the years too. I read that the originals had been sent to museums because they were old and delicate and had been out there in the elements for so long. I think the new ones were put in starting from the 80s sometime (too lazy to google it.) The ones that are there now are very boldly coloured and quite pretty. I do like a good totem pole I have to say.

Stanley Park

For many years before I was laid off and was still working downtown I was looking *at* the park from Canada Place and the surrounding sea-wall, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the opposite view. *Waving to my friends that are still there.*

Stanley Park

We got there in the later afternoon so we spent part of the walk chasing the light. I was experimenting a bit with my camera settings and wasn’t super happy with most of the pictures I took, though some came out okay. The softer light from the setting sun helped some, still… meh I’m a bit bummed, especially given the pretty scenery there and the likelihood of us going back anytime soon. Ah well at least I had a few that I was happy enough with.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park

Stanley Park

And of course I can’t go wrong with my handsome be-toqued hubby.

Stanley Park

We both agreed, awesome day but we’re not going to come near the park again until they’ve finished the construction.

*Normally I use song titles for my blog titles so I butchered this NAS title for my own purposes.. this old homegirl doesn’t really do rap ;)

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