Yellow Sticky Post-it Notes

I live in a house full of comedians*cough smart-asses cough*. Everyone has a great sense of humour, often sarcastic and dark and some pretty good comic timing. I often think to myself I should write some of those the exchanges down after they happen but my middle-aged brain doesn’t retain them long enough to do that. It is too full of stupid facts and old work stuff. I need to start purging some of that unnecessary data to make room for all the new stuff.

Anyway, I went out for lunch the other day and had already left the house. Tom was heading to work and wanted to check to see if the cats had enough food for the day as nobody would be home and lord help us if we get between food and Nutmeg. The cat’s dish is in the boy’s bathroom and that bathroom was ummm occupied so he couldn’t check. In came the solution we all end up using in these situations, the humble sticky note. The question to Sean was written and stuck on the front door so Sean would see it before he left.

I came home to find this sticky note on the door, Tom’s request and Sean’s reply. It made me laugh.

Passive agressive sticky - comic reply

Is there anything yellow sticky notes can’t do?



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