Silver Cloud

It is no secret I love jewellery and I’m pretty sure I’m in the majority there, but I also don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money on it. I’ve never been one to lust after that perfect diamond that is huge and costs the equivalent of a used car (or worse as my husband sighs in relief!) Frankly I would be terrified to wear anything of that kind of value around my finger, never mind that it is a HUGE waste of money in my opinion but to each their own.

One thing I do love to do is find inexpensive jewellery that I love and I’ve found a few sources of those, one being the store in Cannon Beach (which I *SO* plan on hitting up again when we get back there) Etsy where you can find some really cool hand-made or vintage stuff and my new favourite store Kohl’s.

I’m not sure how often Kohl’s puts their jewellery on sale, but when we were down across the line doing some of the Christmas shopping for the American family, I found that Kohl’s had put all theirs on sale and there was a ton of racks with silver jewellery. I love vintage looks and in particular Art Deco so I was really happy to see a few different Art Deco inspired rings in sterling silver and marcasite and for 50% off baby! That meant the rings were anywhere from $12 – $20.00 range, so yeah a bought a few.

This one is my favourite, a dome ring.  When I first saw it I instantly loved it but I was concerned it would feel weird and prickly but it is actually really comfortable as the edge is bevelled.


There are the other two, one is kind of like leaves or flowers and the other one a little filigree but I love them both.



They are sized to fit my middle finger comfortably (not tight) as my ring fingers on both hands are permanently spoken for with my wedding set and the ring I got from Chris a few years ago. As tempting as it is for this lover of rings I don’t try to wear a bunch of them at the same time though most of them could slip onto my index finger too.

They also had a few genuine gemstone rings (of the semi-precious and probably questionable cut) that I couldn’t resist. One was of my birthstone (Garnet) and one aquamarine in a more traditional setting.



They were both in the same price-range so hello! In the end I walked outta there with all of them for around $85, not bad!

I’ve added to my necklace collection as well thanks to Tom’s Christmas pressies. I’ve long complained that my name peaked in popularity in something like the early 1900’s so it is unlikely to find ANYTHING with Belinda on it. So what does one do? Get a necklace with said name on it custom-made that’s what. This one is from Best Name Necklace on Etsy.

Loves it!

Then there is this large twisty cool, bold and  I dunno… somehow witchy tree branch pendant which I adore from Lolojane on Etsy.


Finally, a necklace called “Through My Lens” by Lisa Leonard. I wear that one a LOT and being a girl who loves her camera it is perfect for me. Lisa makes some really sweet hand stamped jewellery, a lot of stuff perfect for new mums too if that’s your situation.

Lisa Leonard

I’m surprised how many people ask me where I get my jewellery, particularly the necklaces.  In fact pretty much everything I’ve bought from Etsy from my wallet and handbag to my jewellery has been complimented and I’ve referred a few people the seller’s way (If I can remember their names that is!) I like the fact that a lot of my stuff isn’t totally mass produced and I love to support someone who is trying to make a buck doing something they love.

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