Five to One

We’d hoped to be heading to California sometime in March but something out of our control has postponed vacations for a bit.  This left me wistfully watching my dreams of an In-N-Out burger anytime soon scoot out of my reach.  No that is OBVIOUSLY not the only reason I wanted to be in Central California right around now, the major reasons being A.) Hello Aptos, B.) OCEAN, C.) San-frickin-Francisco, D.) OCEAN.

So when Tom saw one of his American Facebook buddies say something about another burger chain that in his opinion was better than In-N-Out he mentioned it to me. Tom was a SoCal boy for years and he’s the one that introduced me to my now favourite unobtainable burger and fries and he misses it too. We looked up the chain called “Five Guys Burgers and Fries” and at first he’d gone to the US site and found one in Washington State, I went a little further and found that they’ve got a Canadian site as well and lo-and-behold they had a location not that far from us here in Canada.  It seemed to have a lot of hype around it and we figured we’d give it a shot.

Though sorry, it is no In-N-Out  they were pretty tasty. They lack the presentation of In-N-Out who neatly stack everything in a little red tray while they put everything into a paper sack whether you eat in or take-out. The DO however have a lot of different toppings both of the standard and specialty variety and holy mother of mercy their fries portions are huge, a fact I am not exaggerating. When the counter person asked if we really wanted our own regular fries (let that one sink in cos they do have a large option) because one portion is normally enough for two people she wasn’t kidding. There was easily enough fries for a third person to share left over in the bag when we were stuffed. The fries were good, though Tom noticed that the ones in the “cup” got a bit soggy  as there is nowhere for them to vent, the ones that had been degreased and didn’t get sweaty tasted much better.   We also only ordered a single patty burger and it was as round as a baseball, I can’t image how big a double meat would be and that is from what I understand their regular burger!

While, like I say it is no In-N-Out (fangirl that I am) it was good and definitely better than the average fast-food burger. The meat was very juicy and well cooked. Fair warning though it is a MESSY burger, I ended up with a nice mustard stain on my jeans and around my thumb nail from the condiments squirting out the other side so if you try one, make sure you’ve got plenty of napkins at hand (and in your lap!)





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2 Responses to Five to One

  1. Sue says:

    OK – We have Five Guys here. I’ve been to In and Out twice in Las Vegas. My vote goes to In and Out!

  2. americanuck says:

    You and I are of the same mind girlfriend ;)

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